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    What is the best of Chinese piano songs?
    As a complementary service to our piano chords chart, piano tutorial and virtual piano, sheet music can also be purchased on our rollup piano website. Here you will find piano sheet music for the best Chinese piano songs.

    Here is a list of 61 great piano songs that everyone will enjoy. Choose a few favorites to add to your repertoire, but keep in mind that some of these piano pop songs are more difficult than others!
    This most popular song also for Piano Sheet Music, Scoring Piano / Vocal / Guitar.
    Don’t be worry, feel buy - piano sheet music is now available at the touch of a button only at our website. PayPal system to ensure safety.

    Please note that due to the translation of Chinese and English, the song names are not necessarily the same, but the music scores are the same.

    ============= Children's Songs Series=============

    1.Mary had a little lamb

    2.Ode an die Freude

    3.Flashing Red Star (Chinese songs)

    4.Frère Jacques

    5.Happy New Year

    6.Happy birthday to you

    7.Painter (Polish Children's Songs)

    8.Little donkey (Chinese songs)

    9.Find friends (Chinese songs)

    10.Red cent (Chinese songs)

    11.Give a call (Chinese songs)

    12.Counting Ducks (Chinese songs)

    13.The little swallow (Chinese songs)

    14.Snails and Orioles (Chinese songs)

    15.Seen as a sheep (Chinese songs)

    16.Where is spring? (Chinese songs)

    17.Student boy (Chinese songs)

    18.A Girl Picking Up Mushrooms (Chinese songs)

    19.Song of Seven Sons (Chinese songs)

    20.Let Us Sway Twin Oars (Chinese songs)

    21.The sound of singing (Chinese songs)

    22.Wahaha (Chinese songs)


    =============Pop Song Series=============

    23.The smine (Chinese songs)

    24.Story of Little Town (Chinese songs)

    25.A grateful heart! (Chinese songs)

    26.Fantasies Behind the Pearly Curtain (Chinese songs)

    27.Just like your tenderness (Chinese songs)

    28.The Night Of Naval Port (Chinese songs)

    29.Shanghai Beach (Chinese songs)

    30.The Moon Represents My Heart

    31.Come across

    32.Listen to the sea

    33.You Exist In My Song

    34.Old Boy

    35.A pair of invisible wings

    36.The lotus pool by moonlight


    38.Thousand sad reasons


    =============World Famous Music Series=============

    39.I believe can fly

    40.I see you


    42.Big big world

    43.Pour Elise

    44.Castle in the Sky

    45.Right here waiting

    46.Color Of The Wind


    48.Yesterday Once More

    49.Roméo Juliette

    50.Nights on the outskirts of Moscow

    51.Moon River

    52.Dance of the Cygnets

    53.A comme amour



    =============Piano Five-Line Spectrum Series=============

    55.Where did time go? -Musical notation

    56.River flows in you -Musical notation

    57.Dance of the Cygnets -Musical notation

    58.A comme amour -Musical notation

    59.Pour Elise -Musical notation

    60.Piano Keyboard Contrast Table(A)

    61.Piano Keyboard Contrast Table(B)


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