With so many types of electric pianos today, how to buy electric pianos

Updated: Dec 24, 2019

Kawai ES110

Kawai is an old Japanese piano manufacturer. It is equally strong in the field of electric pianos. Especially the keyboard technology is well-known and it is a good brand to choose. Kawai ES110 is an upgraded version of ES100. The most important improvement is to upgrade the AHA IV-F keyboard of ES100 to RHC Responsive Hammer Compact keyboard action. The feel is closer to that of higher-end RH keyboards. Different tones, up to 192 polyphony

Roland FP30

Roland is a leader among electro-acoustic instrument manufacturers. Roland applies its experience and advantages in the field of electro-acoustics not only to electric pianos, but also to electric drums, electric guitars, stage sounds and other aspects. ROLAND FP30 is a high-quality, simple and compact electric piano. She is equipped with ROLAND Super NATURAL sounds. The FP30 has 6 built-in piano sounds and 7 electric piano sounds. In addition, there are 22 other instrument sounds for easy practice and performance. FP30 adopts PHA-4 ivory texture keyboard, which has the same key feeling as an upright piano, with 128 polyphony; Roland's Internet and APP functions can be said to be one of the best among all brands. It can easily control the device and can use Bluetooth Wirelessly connecting IPAD and other smart devices, and replacing the sheet music performance with an iPad that can automatically turn pages will bring a lot of convenience to the learning of performance. The FP30 is the only keyboard with an escapement in the entry piano. The keyboard is arguably the best in its price range. It feels slightly better than other similarly priced models.

Roland RP102

RP102 and FP30 are the same PHA-4 ivory texture keyboard. On the surface, the difference is that the RP102 has a frame and a cover, like the difference between a portable version and a furniture version of an electric piano. Split the keys-that is, one voice in the left hand and another voice in the right hand. There are 35 tones.


YAMAHA P-125 is a digital piano launched by YAMAHA in 2018. It is an upgraded version of the previous classic model P-115. It uses Pure CF dynamic stereo engine, 88-key GHS keyboard, and CFIIIS sound gives it a concert-quality sound experience. 115 further improved resonance technology to achieve more realistic reverberation effect

Overall, the KDP110 is the best. If you are getting started, consider buying a hand-rolled piano.

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