Why sing piano songs?

 What is the help of singing music score for memorizing music score

Recitation should be an important part of learning to play piano. But it is often ignored by us.

In my own teaching for many years, I have counted about 10% of the students, who have obstacles in reciting music. I don't mean that they can't recite music at all, but it's very difficult to ask them to recite music. Compared with other students, it will take longer. This is the problem of this parent's children.

Xu found that students who are not good at reciting music and who do not like reciting music have the following commonalities: they are often students who don't sing music, who don't listen well, who are always not very active when answering questions (they need to be sure that the answer is 100% correct, then they will talk out, or they will die or not). This may also have something to do with their personality. In normal playing, even if there are teachers In the next drive, you will also find that their expression of the tune will be very "implicit" and so on.

For these few students, they usually spend more time when they ask for recitation. For example, if you ask a student to recite the second movement hob.xvi/40 of Haydn sonata this time, you will find that there is no organization. When reciting, the teacher can find out which students are organized and hierarchical, and which students play in the East and West. There is no way, only for this work, Lao Xu uses the way of road to deepen this student's memory of the structure of this work.

The parent just mentioned told me about her children's discoveries about herself besides piano learning for the first time. She once bought a story set with a tape attached to the book. After opening the tape, she found that the child would be eager to find the book. When listening and reading, she didn't feel at all after playing the tape, so she went to read completely. Later, I asked another parent of a student who didn't like reciting music scores.

Her children are also like this in life. What does this mean? It means that these students who don't like reciting music belong to the visual and hearing blocking children. Frankly speaking, the reason why they recite music slowly is that they rely on visual memory, which is a comprehensive ability. There are auditory memory, position action memory and so on. At this time, I don't mean that other students who do not need teachers to worry about reciting the music quickly have no problem. They also have their problems. They often recite the music quickly and forget it faster. They don't grasp the overall situation enough. Once a sound falls off or forgets, it will often cause serious consequences of heavy head playing.

Therefore, students who do not sing music may not have difficulty in reciting music, but students who have difficulty in reciting music must not sing music. It turns out that old Xu also said that the importance of singing music score is that you must open your mouth at the beginning of learning piano. This is a matter of benefit without harm.

The process of singing music score strengthens your memory of melody. The process of singing is also necessary for the improvement of visual performance. The process of singing is self-evident for the training of listening, and the last step is to carry out all this.

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