Why Roll Up Piano is Preferable as Compared to Traditional Piano

What is a traditional piano? It is a musical instrument which is also known as pianoforte (full name). Bartolomeo Cristofori developed it in 1700 who himself lived in Italy. It mainly consists of a protective wooden casing in which metal strings and soundboard are fixed on a heavyweight metal frame. Its maintenance is tough as well as expensive. It requires lots of care to handle it.

What is roll up piano? As it is clear from its name that it is a type of piano which can be rolled up and we can place it easily in our personal carrying luggage. It is a portable piano which can be taken anywhere conveniently. For roll up piano, space is not a problem because its size is small as it can be rolled up.

How roll up piano is different from the traditional piano? The main difference between roll up piano and traditional piano is that what are their main design specifications that have to accomplish. Roll up piano is actually built to duplicate the experience of the traditional piano as the traditional piano is highly expensive and bigger in size. Because of the bigger size of the traditional piano, it is difficult to transport it from one place to another place. Whereas roll up piano is easy to transport because it is available in small size and can be rolled up

Most of us love to have a musical instrument in our homes but to have the traditional piano in our home is not easy as well as cheap. But roll up piano can fill the gap of not getting a traditional piano as it is cheap and portable.

Features of roll up piano Following are the main features that make the roll up piano roll up: • Exceptional Settings and Qualities It has different sound options along with a vibrant speaker as well as soft and durable buttons. • Versatile keys It has different types of keys. For instance, 61, 88 and 37 key settings. • Portable It can be carried out easily anywhere at any time without the space problem. • Rechargeable batteries The batteries used in Roll up piano can be recharged. • Better touch and playability It comes with thick keys that make it better in playability and touch

Disadvantages of the traditional pianoLarge in size The main drawback that does not support traditional piano is its large size. It is not possible for everyone to store it as it takes a large horizontal floor space. It can also be not carried out from one place to another place conveniently. If we want to move it, two or three people are required as it is heavy too. • Proper maintenance As it is very obvious that proper maintenance is necessary for a machine to function well. If its maintenance is not done it will not work properly. The traditional piano requires proper tunning and maintenance that is not easy as well as cheap. Everyone can not afford its maintenance. • High Cost Cost is the main thing that makes anything possible for the customer. In any case, we can not ignore the cost factor. The high cost is one of the main factors which makes traditional piano unlikely to have.Whether new or used its price is very high that everyone cannot afford it. Special room conditions There are certain conditions where traditional piano should be placed. For example, it should not be placed in warm, shady and humid rooms as it becomes the cause to weaken internal wood of traditional piano. It also may cause health problems for humans and animals. We cannot open the doors and windows near the traditional piano because condensation can cause to wrap wood as well as mechanical issues. It is very difficult to take care of that level. And if we will not take care of that level traditional piano will not function properly.

Advantages of Roll Up Piano Roll up piano has lots of advantages over the traditional piano. It is not possible to list all these down. Some of the benefits of roll up piano are given as follows: • Small in Size It is the principle advantage of roll up piano that it is small in size and portable. Size of roll up piano is a key feature which makes it preferable over the traditional piano. As it is mentioned earlier that due to its small size, it can be taken anywhere, with no trouble. Also, we do not need special space in our home to place or store it. • No Maintenance Unlike the traditional piano, it does not require proper maintenance or tuning. This is its a principle feature which make it user-friendly and affordable. Without maintenance, it works properly and efficiently. • Low Cost As I mentioned it before that cost factor of any product is one of the very essential factors to make any product successful in the industry. Roll up piano has low cost along with many dominating key features which I listed in features of roll up piano. Everyone can afford it easily. • No Special Room Conditions Roll up piano does not require any special room conditions like the traditional piano requires to function properly. We can place it anywhere in the house as well as outside the house. It does not need any special care to handle it. • Easy to use As compared to the traditional piano roll up piano is very easy to use. Additionally, there is a manual with every product that guides the user very well. The user can easily use just by following the manual properly and can enjoy music. o Conclusion Based on the above brief discussion, it is obvious that roll up piano is better than traditional piano as it has lots of benefits over the traditional piano such as portability, small size, simple and easy use, ability to fold, easy transportation, the rechargeable battery and many more.

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