Why do we have to learn piano?

Updated: Dec 24, 2019

There are many advantages of learning piano. As an instrument, learning the piano can give you a skill, which will have an important impact on your life, so-called more skills will have a way out. As an art, learning the piano is conducive to cultivating sentiment and cultivating people's self-cultivation.

In the process of learning the piano, you will unconsciously accept the influence of more western classical culture. This benefit is not only the benefit of music, it will gradually make people more temperamental and more self-restrained. As a technology, it can exercise your left and right hand coordination ability, thus promoting the development of both right and left brain gongs, long-term persistence, will make people more intelligent, which is based on science! Therefore, quality education is advocated in primary and secondary schools.

Learning the piano can train one's character. Learning the piano, we can not only learn the playing skills of the piano, but also learn a rich and comprehensive knowledge of music, including music history, various music genres, famous composers, piano performers and so on.

This can improve our aesthetic ability of music, music works can also have a relatively professional subjective evaluation. Most importantly, by learning the piano, we can exercise our attention, willpower and endurance. Because learning piano must first face every day's diligent practice, whether to persevere for a long time can be said to be a great test for all piano learners!

Adults who learn to play piano experience a decrease in depression, fatigue, and anxiety and an increase in memory, verbal communication, and a feeling of independence.

For children and adults with reduced motor skills, learning to play the piano can challenge these brain connections to motor movement and even strengthen coordination.

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