What are the benefits of learning piano and what are the benefits of learning piano?

What are the benefits of learning the piano? To understand the benefits of learning piano, we need to understand the piano first.

The piano man is known as the king of musical instruments, and its broad range of sounds contains almost all instrument-specific ranges. From the lowest to the highest sound spans eight sound ranges. Strong and thick bass, occasionally, breathtaking; transparent and bright mid-tone like a fairy call, intoxicating; crisp and bright high-pitched like the depths of the still forest jingling birds, make people dream like a dream. Almost all the music works in the world can be perfectly expressed with the piano, it is the greatest invention of the West, is the most precious gift to mankind.

The benefits of learning the piano from a scientific research perspective:

The study of brain thinking in modern science proves that the left brain is in charge of language and mathematical logic thinking, and the right brain is responsible for image thinking (music, painting, dance are all image thinking) musical thinking nerves all over the brain, not part of the brain.

People enter puberty, the image thinking ability gradually weakens, logical thinking ability gradually strengthens, and becomes the main way of thinking for adults, before puberty this critical period of image thinking development, we must adopt various methods to develop, strengthen and improve this ability, as early as possible to make children form a good thinking habits, both logical and full of image , quick-thinking and active, laying the foundation for their learning in the department of culture and creativity in future work.

Austrian education experts in the 1970s in a town population quality survey found that the city's 25-40-year-old adults, nearly 25% of the city has achieved outstanding social achievements, as entrepreneurs, engineers, doctors, teachers, musicians and other celebrities, their experiences are different.

But there is a common experience they all learned piano in the city's famous art center as a child, are music lovers. Further research found that the pitch of the famous frequency of the piano's large span and the sound of the famous color of different sound ranges stimulated the auditory nerve in all.

Through the beautiful perception of sound, children have produced a wealth of associations and mysterious imaginations, the instantaneous calculation of the rhythm of the score, so that children in the practice and playing in the unconscious strengthening of logical thinking ability, the theme emotion of the music stimulates the development of children's music nerves, improves the mental agility, so that children's comprehensive thinking ability can be greatly strengthened.

When playing the piano, children ten fingers, feet, eyes, ears, brain, emotional stimulation state to play music, the whole body and mind are concentrated, coordinated movement, left and right brain two kinds of thinking without asking parallel cross, the accurate playing of the moment requires a high degree of attention, understanding, imagination, memory and psychology, movement of high coordination and control ability, Most valuable is that these valuable abilities for the person who play the piano are formed unknowingly with the help of musical beauty and passion and excitement.

Therefore, the group concluded: "Learning to play the piano is the most direct, most effective and deep-seated to develop intelligence, but it is the simplest and most effective means, it is recommended that in the initial stage of education to learn to play the piano as a compulsory course." Later, Austria's approach was widely adopted by the United States, Europe, Japan and other Western countries. The piano is a necessary musical instrument in the hardware teaching facility equipped with the project.

What are the benefits of learning the piano:

1. As a musical instrument, the advantage of learning the piano is that you can have a skill, this skill will have an important impact on your life;

2. As an art, the advantage of learning piano is conducive to the cultivation of sentiment, the cultivation of people, you will not consciously accept more Western classical culture in the process of learning the piano, this benefit is not only the benefit of music;

3. As a technology, the advantage of learning piano is that you can exercise your right and right hand matching ability, so as to promote the public development of the left and right brain, long-term persistence, will make people become smarter, which is scientifically based;

As a hobby, the advantage of learning piano is to be able to adjust your life. Whether you are happy or not, playing the piano can allow you to relax moderately, especially in times of stress, the benefits of playing the piano are many;

As a subject of study, the advantage of learning the piano is that you can arrange your time better. How do you understand that? If you are a student, then the practice of piano will certainly take up part of your time, if you arrange well, not only can do learning and practice the piano, long-term formation of this good habit is also conducive to the progress of learning!

Among the primary and secondary school students who learn piano around us, those who play the piano well are often also high-achieving students in the school. The students I met, the general culture class that played well, were also among the best in the class. Because to have time to play the piano must be able to finish your homework quickly. In order to maintain excellent grades in each subject, you must be able to master a piece of music quickly or overcome some technical difficulties.

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