You must have never heard a few humorous stories about the piano

Updated: Dec 24, 2019

Acceptance speech

A Chinese pianist won a trophy at International Chopin Piano Competition.

Three comments were made:

First of all, I want to thank my parents very much. When I first learned piano, they grabbed my little hand and pressed it forcibly.

Secondly, I would like to thank my piano teacher, who has some financial problems, but has not charged my piano tuition fee.

Third, I want to thank my neighbours for their years of endurance. Some people have to put cotton in their ears to bring me today's enjoyment.

About Chinese Compulsory Education

I have been studying for 9 years from elementary school to junior high school. If I play the piano for nine years, I will become a young Beethoven. If I play nine years of basketball, I will become Yao Ming. If I play 9 years, I will enter WCG if I Singing a song for 9 years, I will become a star in the music scene, but I have read Chinese compulsory education for 9 years. I am nothing.

A piano tuner

"I'm here to tune the piano, sir." The man standing in front of the door said.

"But I didn't invite anyone to tune in." Said the gentleman.

"Yes, you didn't, sir, but your neighbor insisted that I come."

Complain with songs

Someone played the piano next door, and the friend went out and snorted: "I’m sick! I’m playing for a day! You are not tired!”

Then, the person who was playing "The Wedding in Dreams" was quiet for a while and began to play "I am willing". The implication is "I am willing to play you?"

The friend smiled a second and continued to shout: "How do I come across such a neighbor!"

The song was replaced by "Destiny." . .

About the horizon

A girl put the newly bought iPhone7 on the piano, and her classmates saw it and said: Why show off! Put the phone in such a conspicuous position.

The girl smiled and said: I am playing a 800,000 piano, but you only see a mobile phone of 7,000 yuan.

The girl's mother said to her daughter: You live in a 50 million villa, but there is only a piano in your eyes.

The girl’s father said to her mother: You are accompanied by a billion-dollar husband, but there is only a broken villa in your eyes!

I smiled and said to a customer: I talked with you about cooperation, but you are struggling with whether I am earning your money!

The vision determines the realm! The pattern determines the ending!

Go to a piano concert

Yesterday, I went to a piano concert in my spare time. The environment was elegant, the music was quiet and the world was completely changed.

In such an elegant environment, the mood will be totally different. For me, two hours of concert, my PLAYERUNKNOWN’S (a mobile game) has been upgraded by 7 levels.

You should play on TV

Xiao Li plays the piano for his friends.

Xiao Li: How do I play it?

Friend: You should play on TV.

Xiao Li: Is that all right?

Friend: If you're on TV, I can turn it off right away.

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