Two Suggestions on Learning Frame Drum

Updated: Dec 24, 2019

Does the child need to accompany the jazz drum class?

For the zero-based children, it is still difficult to let them go to complete one thing independently. Therefore, for beginners, especially those in the kindergarten, the parents need to accompany them in the initial class, and the accompanying students can be appropriately reduced in the later stage. Let the children learn to learn independently, but remember to accompany the class: accompanying the class instead of doing it! In our teaching, we found that many parents' sparrings are counterproductive.

Generally, the mother's personality is very urgent. If the child learns for a long time without learning, the parents will start to lick the child. This is not acceptable. Our teachers also do not allow parents to beat the children in the classroom. ! Our parents must treat the children from the perspective of the child under the guidance of the teacher! Be sure to hold your breath to encourage your child to lead! Otherwise, the instrument will not be learned well regardless of the child's learning!

The role of the parent should be: assist the child to help the child, and record the child's problems. But it doesn't mean that parents need to be with them all the time. When the children can understand the spectrum and have strong abilities, they can also score their own scores. At this time, parents can be liberated!

The education of children's jazz drums is summarized in a few years of teaching in six or seven years: children aged 4-6 are suitable for learning jazz drums.

What should children do if they lose interest?

In fact, there is a process in learning (music) drums. For example, every week, you will learn some new knowledge. In this week's practice, you will be divided into several sections. First, the difficult period, because in the difficult period, he is faced with New knowledge, then he will have no interest, such as the knowledge of the staff can be made in the form of some games to let him easily master, exercise his ability to see the score.

Second, parents must not be eager to seek success, from the beginning to guide him to face difficulties and solve difficulties. (To give a simple image of the prompt) Let him have a specific image thinking link, such a process we must start from the parents to consider what can be done for the child?

What can I do for him? Instead of always blaming him, saying something ugly, affecting the child, and increasing the burden on the child. When the child encounters difficulties, guide the child to mark the difficult place with a pen to solve it, and then ask the teacher the next time.

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