Traveling with the piano, can you do it?

Updated: Dec 24, 2019

Bring your beloved piano and dog, he started his five-year travel life

There are always some people in the world who don't want to live a copy of life every day, but choose to do a cool thing to express their attitude towards life. New York guy Dotan Negrin

Looking at freedom and romance, but you have the perseverance to sleep in the street and move the heavy piano.

I am curious about how a piano transports so many places. How did he do it? It's expensive, and it hasn't been badly transported. How did he do it? Piano transportation is a big problem

Some netizens commented:

How did the piano get on the plane?

First of all, we should play the piano, secondly, we should be handsome, and finally, we should have money.

First you have to buy a piano, then you have a car that can hold the piano.

By the way, roll up piano is currently popular foldable piano, if you want, you can take him anywhere, the device is powered by 5v USB interface

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