Traditional Chinese kids Folk Song Sheet Music -Snare drum

Updated: Jan 8


Music sheet with notes

general idea My little drum is thumping. I can understand it when I speak, That's not good my sister is sleeping in a small bed

I said three little drums My little drum is thumping. I said stop the drum The little drum speaks and understands.

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A drum is a percussion instrument. A taut film is placed on one or both sides of a firm, usually round drum. The drum can make a sound with hands or pestle. Drum is an important musical instrument in African traditional music and in modern music. Some bands are made up of percussion instruments mainly composed of drums. In addition to being an instrument, drum was also used to spread information in many ancient civilizations.

China, Egypt and ancient India are the earliest birthplaces of drums in the world. Historically, Chinese drums have spread to neighboring countries, such as North Korea and Japan, while absorbing many foreign drums. In the Central Plains, Chinese traditional drums are the main stream. The drums of the ethnic minorities in the border areas are influenced by both the traditional drums of the Central Plains and the foreign drums, especially the Arab and Indian drums.

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