Thumb piano (kalimba) review

Updated: Dec 24, 2019

The mbira is an African musical instrument, traditional to the Shona people of Zimbabwe. It consists of a wooden board fitted with a resonator with attached staggered metal tines, played by holding the instrument in the hands and plucking the tines with the thumbs, the right forefinger, and sometimes the left forefinger. The practicality of this note arrangement, with notes going up the scale in a right-left-right-left progression, is that modal 1-3-5 or 1-3-5-7 chords are made by playing adjacent tines. the plucked idiophone family of musical instruments.


Daughter likes it very much, love it! Good workmanship and high cost performance! It's much better than other businesses! I'll be very happy when my daughter learns to talk about music. Thank you for your gift! The bag is very cute!


Occasionally, when I saw this gadget on the Internet, I fell in love with it all of a sudden and bought it on the Internet when I came back. Although it is not so elegant, it feels good. It's cheap, fun and cost-effective. Recommend.

Erin Ton

Baby is so beautiful!!! God, it looks different. Haha ha ha ha ha ha ha is very satisfied with it. And it's also a gift of tuning hammer.

Kindle Customer

Seeing such a small thing in the street, called kalimba, I bought one on the Internet with my mobile phone when I came back. It sounds good, crisp and small. I like it very much.

Fitzgerald Ton

Thumb piano is of good quality, exquisite workmanship and exquisite appearance. Children like it very much.


After seeing a lot of kalimba, I finally decided to buy it here. The shape is really beautiful and cute. The timbre is also very good, the customer service is very patient, and the service attitude is very good. Novice on the road, hope to learn


Kalimba is easy to carry and operate, and children like it very much.

jack wilinsky

The second time I bought the Kalimba recommended by my friend. The quality is very good.


The thumb organ is well packaged, exquisite in appearance, excellent in quality and crisp in sound. It is worth buying.


The quality of Kalimba is excellent. It's super beautiful. It's easy to use. It's very fond of it. The sound quality is crisp and pleasant. ~

D's momma

Small and lovely, I like it very much. And the thumb piano has a tutorial, the baby girl likes it very much, can not put it down, the timbre is also good. A favorite one

Jarrod C.

Received a very surprising, beautiful body, spent a few minutes learning a simple tune, try to play the most, the timbre is very pure, the voice is super large, placed in the home is very beautiful, but also has the performance, almost forgotten that it is a musical instrument, I intend to buy another, give friends!

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