This is the philosophy about singing

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

Enlightenment education on music

Why do I want to learn to sing?

I can represent scales with gestures

I need to be proficient with these gestures

This is the philosophy about singing

Assessment exercises for preparation activities

Sound training

Many people think that singing is only related to "throat". Wrong! At least 30 parts can make your voice unpredictable.

musical scale

Many people think that singing can only learn from "humans". wrong! There are at least 15 kinds of animals that can help you to make a sound.

Many people think that singing can only be practiced in "classroom". wrong! There are at least 23 daily actions that take you to witness "art originates from life".

80 vocal, music theory, musical instrument, and literary knowledge points. These pictures express the scales in an intriguing and affectionate manner. The eye-catching points are refined, making serious vocal music learning easy and rapid!

Musical sense refers to the perception of music, which is a very important content in music education.

Musical sense is one of the seven intelligences of human beings, including pitch sense, rhythm sense, harmony hearing, melody sense, etc. As an art, music is to convey a certain feeling (not simply hearing), and the sense of music is people's sensory ability to understand this feeling, which can be inherited or cultivated.

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