Thirty minutes a day to learn the piano, you will have a different life

Updated: Dec 24, 2019

Piano educators believe that the most important thing is to cultivate children's interest in playing the piano. For children, parents and teachers must help children experience the progress of playing the piano every day, enjoy the joy of learning the piano, feel the success, and let children have confidence in their piano learning. Lang Lang feels that playing the piano happily for 30 minutes every day can also be easy for children. Parents and teachers can learn the piano well by:

(1) Game method. That is, starting from the characteristics of children's age, according to their interests and hobbies, to create games or stories to encourage children to practice the piano happily and consciously. Play, have fun and laugh. Let the piano be the happiest and most fun toy in the process of children's growth. Accompany the children to grow up happily!

(2) Singing. Children all have the nature to love singing, parents can let children play and sing, through the rendering to create this atmosphere, to stimulate and enhance children's fun of learning the piano. The practice of combining music with piano learning can make children get entertainment and improve their interest in piano learning. It can also integrate the scene and mood of music itself into music, mobilize children's emotions and increase children's expressive power. In a word, it is an important practice method to keep the piano in hand and the music in the mouth.

(3) Incentive method. "Achievement" is always the greatest driving force for support. Parents should establish the concept of appreciation education and encourage their children to practice and learn by means of praise and encouragement. We should fully affirm the progress of our children. Let them see their progress every day and feel that they are doing better today than they were yesterday. > I believe that with Lang Lang's professional guidance, advice and "Lang Lang" company, 30 minutes of practice every day will not be boring, children learn to play the piano easily and happily every day.

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