The shelf drum is the best music enlightenment instrument

Updated: Dec 24, 2019

"There are three keys to unlock the treasure house of human wisdom: one is number, one is letter and one is musical note." Hugo's famous saying expresses the importance of music education. Music education not only cultivates musicians, but also plays an important role in the development of children in all aspects.

Let every child truly enjoy the joy of music, let mothers without any music foundation teach their children music enlightenment at home, let four-year-old children express themselves in the way of creating music like opening their mouth, and open this box as if they had the key to open the door of children's music.

Gardner, a well-known developmental psychologist and professor of Harvard University, once said, "Of all the intelligences that an individual may possess, musical intelligence is the earliest. "Early childhood music education has two important functions, one is the cultivation of temperament, the other is the promotion of wisdom. "

Often listen to beautiful music, rich and beautiful melody and rhythm in music will naturally integrate into the right brain, so that it will naturally show beautiful rhythm in daily speech, words, composition, and even expression. Therefore, it is very important to carry out selective and planned music education for children in terms of temperament, interpersonal relationship and emotional quotient after their growth. Acting.

If a child learns from music to be moved, to shed tears, to be happy, to be sad and to have a rich mind, how good it will be for his future growth!

However, the biggest disadvantage of the drum kit is that the equipment is heavy and the assembly is troublesome. If you want to practice at home, it is still very troublesome.

Now you can consider using the roll up drum, you can basically play the electronic drum, the sound quality is basically the same as the ordinary drum.

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