The Secret slyly about learning the piano

Is there a secret to learning the piano? As we all know, piano learning requires a lot of time to practice, but some people reflect that the practice of the piano has no effect. Then it's probably a problem with the way the piano is practiced. Good piano science can achieve the effect of doing more with less. Below I learn the piano to learn the experience of the experience to introduce to everyone, mainly to introduce the content and methods of a day of practice piano:

1 basic work. My basic exercise sits with Hanon. Whether you are a junior student or a piano professional. Hanon is undoubtedly the most important exercise. Every day, if I had time, I would put Hanon's first 10 shots four times (40 times in total) without rest. Slow down when it's tired, but it never stops. Some people think Hanon has nothing to do with the music we play, and it's boring. I don't think so. Hanon is actually closely related to the music we play, even more important than the song. Hanon is like a long-distance exercise of fingers, running for a long time, speed and driving power on the strong. If I only practice the piano for one hour a day, I will make sure Hanon practice for half an hour.

Practice of the song (above)

Beginners (below 599): Beginners may not be able to learn more complex tunes and techniques because they are still learning the piano for a short time. Then the focus of the piano is to pay attention to basic skills, hand type and other basic learning skills on. Because of the short music, students practice the piano is easy to play, then think that they have nothing to practice. In fact, often overlookthe the most important: hand type - for example, there are no fingers do not raise the finger, fingertip stoic finger has not stood, the big finger, four fingers, five fingers of the fingertips, rhythm --- there is no rest, cut, weak, three-tone and other playing errors; the tone ---- generally concentrated on the lifting number has not read the wrong problem. Of course, depending on the situation of each student will have a different focus.

Then I suggest beginners should practice more slowly, not fast. Want one bullet at a Note: 1 tone 2 rhythm 3 hand type 4 skills (mainly jumping, even, music, etc. have not done, etc.)

In addition, beginners if they feel that it is difficult to play Hanon, you can also play some simpler finger exercises, but pay attention to ------ each finger to be treated equally, left and right hands to be treated on average

There is also a point must also be put forward in order to train students in the smooth music, short music if there is a place to play wrong, suggest edit from the beginning, develop good habits. This is important.

Exercises for 2 songs (below)

Intermediate and senior scholars: Piano learning above intermediate level solely lies in the improvement of skills and musical understanding. Then the training should pay more attention to efficiency, otherwise the inefficient playing of the piano is almost equivalent to not playing the piano.


1 If there is a place for the song to always be wrong, then there must be a problem, you do not want to play the song from head to end without interruption of practice. I myself created a method called five small error correction. If there is a section in my song is always wrong, the first step: first take this section out separately to practice. (A small section) Step 2: Follow the first section and this section to practice (two sections) Step 3: after the second step on the second step after a small exercise (three sections). Step 4: Extend two sections (four or five sections) after moving the third step forward.

2 If you encounter technical difficulties can not be broken, such as octave, then just find out Hanon, in the second half of Hanon's special exercise to find your corresponding skills of the one, adhere to practice for a few weeks. It's more useful than you're practicing these difficulties in a song.

3 If there are emotional and expressive problems, this is more difficult to solve than the last two problems. It can also be solved. If you're playing a remix, you need to practice more one-handedly and make the sentenceclear clear. Other other questions also require the students themselves to experience more. Of course, but also to communicate with the teacher.

The secret of learning piano is not so magical, step by step down-to-earth, master the scientific and effective practice method, this is the secret of learning piano!

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