The pianist says eight key points about learning piano

Lang Lang was invited by France musique, a foreign YouTube channel, to teach you the secret of practicing piano in front of the camera. How did he tell himself? The contents are as follows:

I think the ideal age from learning piano is from 2 to 100

In the very beginning, I think one hour will be actually good

and then you put like 20 minutes to the basic training,

20 minutes to play some small pieces

and then another 20 minutes try to improvise something on a piano

The most difficult aspect for learning piano is

that you need to be separated between the right hands 

and the left hands because you know, this is how you train both brain.

After that it should be easier, a lot of practice of course

Duet and chamber music is the key to learn other instruments,

so you have to work with singers to make piano more like a singing 

and then to work with the string players. 

Then work with the woodwind, the brass, percussion, guitar,

and then the music becomes much bigger

So it's not enough just typing the note, 

it's more like what you are you going to create 

or recreate after those notes already existed more than 200 years old, 

some of the pieces and to bring your love

and sincereness into the music making 

and to make music very lively with colors, with emotions, 

with a different mood, with different characters, with different tastes

I think we always need to, for any pianist; we need to keep our passion

and the flame for loving music always there 

and if your passion is gone then unfortunately

then everything is gone. 

So that is the engine of success

For me, I think music is very visual

It needs to be thinking through like a multimedia screen

when we are performing 

not only just looking at the music,

but also to think about what's the surrounding

and make some story behind the theme and how to get connect

to the main melodies, main voices from the piece

and then also to draw a kind of a picture, the emotion picture of the piece.

So you'll find where the top is.

You need to give everything the climax of the piece

and so in way you had you have to be very multifunctional

Music education needs to be balanced, very academic,

which everything needs to be very properly trained

In the same time, every one of us should be an artist

and the artistic training is more working with different people,

talking to people and playing different objects

and learning different subjects

and I think that's another way of learning arts

and then you train professionally technique.

So that's the two worlds are merged

and that's how music education should be

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