The mystery of pianist Mozart's death

Poisoning, kidney disease, infection So far, there are still different opinions on this issue. Two American scholars recently put forward the "blood loss theory" and "vitamin D deficiency theory", which made the premature genius become the focus of academia again more than 220 years after his death.

misty mystery

For two centuries, Mozart's death has been shrouded in doubts. According to William Dawson, former president of the American performing arts Medical Association and a former plastic surgeon, Mozart's body was buried within three days after his death, and no autopsy was proposed.

Until more than 30 years later, relevant evidence and reports were gradually disclosed.

Even so, many contradictory details or statements make Mozart's death more confusing. What's worse, the level of medicine in the 19th century is far behind today's. although Mozart's doctors are all famous academic leaders, "they don't know what vitamins are, what bacteria are, what blood pressure are. They don't have enough knowledge or technology to treat Mozart at all.".

Died from vitamin D deficiency

Contemporary scholars believe that chronic kidney disease and secondary infections such as pharyngitis and red eye disease are the culprits that killed Mozart.

William acknowledges that this statement is persuasive, but after a careful study of 81 original documents, he came to a new conclusion: "Mozart's treating doctor used bloodletting as a treatment method, and the excessive use of this therapy led to Mozart's acute death. Blood loss. "

Former NASA former atmospheric physicist William Grant provided another explanation: between 1762 and 1783, Mozart's infection symptoms mostly appeared in mid-October and mid-May.

This is because in Salzburg, Austria, where the human body cannot synthesize vitamin D due to lack of light, this situation may last for half a year, making Mozart unable to resist the attack of disease. A large number of studies have shown that sufficient vitamins are guaranteed. D intake is the key to preventing influenza, pneumonia, cardiovascular disease, cancer and autoimmune diseases.

If Mozart can learn about the efficacy of "sunshine vitamins" in time and take health supplements properly, his legacy will be doubled today.

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