The most comprehensive introduction, about piano learning introductory knowledge

Updated: Dec 24, 2019

Based on my many years of teaching experience, I provide some tips on getting started for piano beginners.

1) play piano sitting posture

A good sitting position helps the students to feel and manipulate their body better and play the piano comfortably. Specifically, there are the following requirements:

1. The bench should be square and perpendicular to the keyboard. It is recommended that you sit down to the position of the center of the piano.

2. Keep your feet flat. The right foot can be placed slightly forward relative to the left foot. It is recommended to sit in the middle of the bench, usually doing so, and your feet can also support. Adjusted according to individual physical conditions.

3. The arm is naturally falling, and the elbow is slightly higher than the keyboard.

4. The body leans forward slightly.

2) Finger Number

A finger number is a number given to a finger. It is displayed above the note in the music. It tells you how many fingers to use when playing the note. This is the fingering.

The finger numbers are shown in the following figure:

3) Note

Seven notes are like seven dwarfs.

Every 7 white keys (including 5 black keys) are a group. The more the key is to the right, the higher the pitch, the further to the left, the lower the pitch.

1   2   3   4   5   6   7

Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Si

C  D  E  F   G  A   B

4) gesture

Imagine holding a ball in your hand, your hand is arched, your palm is slightly raised, and you touch the button with your fingertips (near the fingertip).

5)The standard notation

Five-line spectrum, as its name implies, is composed of five lines. The space between lines is called "inter".

Children can imagine it as five floors and four rooms.

Treble staff

Bass staff

When we want to play with the left hand and the right hand. Look at the table below.

I hope everyone can learn to play the piano very quickly.

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