The Importance of left hand in piano playing

Piano is a multi-sound ingress instrument, play a good music should pay attention to the independence of each sound, but also to note the sound parts of each other,squealing, the hands must be cleverly coordinated, so that the playing of the music perfect.

The Importance of Left Hand in Piano Playing

Many students practice the piano or play, often on the right hand melody performance or the music in those difficult jumps, long running sentences, can try to practice evenly, smooth, beautiful, but the left hand is placed in the position of subsidiary, resulting in the performance can not be complete, and sometimes even destroy the performance of the musical image. Therefore, first learn the piano, we must learn the cooperation of hands.

(1) The distinction between melody and accompaniment. When playing lyrical song genre music or ballads, lullaby, night music these express inner thoughts and feelings or scenes blend, express sadness, miss, expectations of the music skits, although the left hand is in the accompaniment position, but the playing of the weaving, decomposition of chords, flowing elitist, all is not the right hand melody of the village to support and supplement.

And some students, when the right hand melody gradually strengthenoror or enter the climax of the music, often with the left hand loud, heavy play instead of the right hand melody upward, the formation of this atmosphere is like the basement built on the roof, the effect is not good.

Therefore, students must be required to learn the distinction between melody and accompaniment, learn the left hand to control the ability to sound. In addition, in playing some classical sonatas, many basic left-handed tone sonata in addition to controlling the sound of excessive sound, not only to avoid the first tone (small finger) extension is not super, to prevent "walking in slippers", but also to avoid the big finger too heavy, causing resistance to advance. The left hand also takes on bass, remoquinothea, transdulation, and many supplemental sentences. Analysis should be taken, and sometimes practiced separately.

(2) The rhythm of the left hand should be accurate and vivid, which is the key to play good dance music or dance music. Such as small step dance music and round dance music is also three-quarters of the beat, but because of the rhythm of the different levels of control, the effect is also different. Small step dance is a slow, elegant style of dance, broken and rhythmic, steady, showing the polite dance movements, as well as bowing, knees and other etiquette. The left hand of the three beats, playing to control the sound well, the first shot slightly longer, the second, three beats do not jump too much. The round dance is a kind of lively, cheerful, smooth, beautiful dance music, its left hand three beats play different from small step dance music. The first shot is strong shot, to have elasticity, the last two beats to be brisk, have control. If the left hand play can not distinguish the nature of the first two dance music, or play into the opposite nature, then small step dance and round dance music is completely different. Students master this dance rhythm, there is such a common disease, the first shot often lack of elasticity, and the third shot not only can not jump up, but the finger can not lift up, destroyed the rhythm of the round dance music, spin not up.

(3) The position of the left hand in the remobuting music. In many piano literature, the remix music occupies a very large proportion, in the remix music has no major sound and subordinate sound part, there is no tune part and accompaniment part. Each sound part has its own independent meaning, has its own development of the line, is a few parts of the sound at the same time carried out dozens of independent melodies, they harmoniously blend together. Such as the Chinese piano music "selling groceries", the middle section is slow and coherent lyrical small tune "dresser" with a compound approach to write, the tune is fresh, elegant, like a dialogue between men and women.

Right and left hands ask each other questions and answer each other, the tone is cordial and touching. When the left hand plays the lyrical melody, pay attention to the lines of the melody. The music requires not only the independence of the sound departments, but also the consistency between the various parts of the sound. Also like Bach two creative music works eight, is a two-tone remix music, with The Kanon imitation-style approach, requires both hands can be flexible, powerful, rhythmic, if the left hand does not strengthen training, can not touch the right hand that kind of positive jump and smooth 16-point note downtone type.

Students often play, the left hand in the speed is unconsciously slow, the rhythm of the hands is not unified, so that the music is messy, destroythe rhythm of the dynamic unity forward. The difficulty of left-handed skill must be overcome, and the left hand should have its own line when it is closely matched with the right hand.

In short, it is important to pay attention to your left hand from time to time and to understand its position and role in music. Practice your left hand again and again, give your left hand personality, independence, in order to fully show the characteristics of the music you play. Perfectly express the content of the music.

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