The Difference between Triangle Piano and Vertical Piano

Updated: Dec 24, 2019

1. The biggest difference is the mechanical structure of the chopper and keyboard. The hammer after striking needs to return to its original position in time for the next striking. Compared with the vertical piano, where the hammer strikes the string horizontally and returns to its original position with the force of the spring, the hammer moves more effortlessly when it strikes the string from below and returns to its original position with its own weight. As a result, the ability of a single key in a vertical piano is 7 times in a second and 14 times in a triangle.

2. The second difference is the pedal. The delayed pedal on the right side is the same, but the soft pedal on the left side and the triangular piano are the displaced pedals, which are totally different from the vertical piano in structure. The principle of vertical piano soft pedal is to make the striking position of the hammer close to the strings and soften the sound, but the shifting pedal of the triangle piano makes the keys move to the right as a whole.

The hammers that originally struck three strings can now hit two. In this way, the vibration between the strings being struck and the strings that resonate can be counteracted. In this way, not only the volume but also the timbre brings subtle changes.

3. The central pedal of the vertical piano is the silencing pedal that reduces the overall volume when necessary. But the central pedal of the triangle piano is a selective delayed pedal, which can only be prolonged when a key is pressed and the central pedal is pedalled.

4. The volume of vertical piano and triangle piano is basically the same, but the sound of the triangle is more abundant. This is because the dynamic area between very weak and very strong tones is wider, the intensity of tones is very distinct, and the performance forms are also rich.

5. In addition, the soundboard of the vertical piano is inside the body of the piano, and it is box-shaped, so it always feels low. But the soundboard of the triangle piano is under the cast-iron board. As long as the cover is opened, the sound will be enhanced. The concert played will immediately enter the ear, so it is easier to confirm each sound when playing.

When learning to play the piano, it always requires the attention of hearing, the sensitive and active activities of ten fingers under the premise of their own independence, the different movements of hands and the coordination with the whole body and limbs, which makes the skills of the left and right hemispheres of the brain obtain the same development and improve the coordination ability.

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