The Best Age to Learn Piano

Updated: Dec 24, 2019

Many people think that the best age to learn piano is as early as possible. It is true that many famous people in the history of music learn piano from primary school. Lang Lang, a young pianist in China, learns piano from the age of 3. The sooner you really learn the piano, the better? What is the best age to learn piano?

Children's growth and development starts with big muscle activity and then goes to the delicate movements of small muscles. Playing the piano requires very skillful small muscle movements, which require considerable patience. Children who are too young have a slightly poor coordination and can't sit still. Learning the piano at this time is tantamount to pulling out the seedlings and promoting them.

In addition, the piano needs about 30 grams of force per note, and the bass area needs more intensity. If children are too young to learn the piano, they will not be able to meet this intensity requirement. Not only can they not learn the piano well, but also the normal development of children's fingers will be damaged over a long period of time.

So piano learning is not the sooner the better. What is the best age for Piano learning?

What is the best age to learn piano? This is not strictly defined. There are great individual differences among children, depending on the specific conditions. From the point of view of physiology and psychology, after 4 or 5 years old, children have good premises in brain development, attention, cognitive ability and comprehension.

By the age of 5, the child's cortical cells have been roughly differentiated, the central nervous system has become more mature, and the development of muscles has become more perfect, which provides a good physiological condition for learning piano. Therefore, it is generally believed that girls are 4-5 years old and boys are 5-6 years old to start playing the piano.

Finally, parents should combine their children's specific conditions, interests and hobbies, and conduct professional counseling to determine when children start to learn piano, rather than blindly follow the trend, imposing willingness on children to learn piano.

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