Ten Benefits of Learning Piano

Updated: Dec 24, 2019

1. Promoting mental development

Practicing piano can activate the brain circuit responsible for spatial reasoning and improve people's cognitive ability and intelligence level. Spatial reasoning ability plays an important role in mathematics, science and engi


2. Increase perseverance

To achieve excellence requires not only talent but also passion and self-discipline. Playing the piano helps to develop these good habits by focusing on learning and setting clear goals.

3. Delaying brain aging

Studies have shown that piano lessons for the elderly can significantly improve growth hormone levels, thereby delaying ageing.

4. Improving Physical Fitness

Although playing the piano requires sitting all the time, it is a kind of exercise in itself, because playing the piano helps to improve motor skills and hand-eye coordination. In addition, music can also reduce blood pressure, heart rate and respiratory rate, reduce heart complications and enhance immunity.

5. Stimulate creativity

Music can enhance brain vitality and creativity. For example, it can inspire innovative solutions, evoke people's memories, emotions and experiences, which are powerful catalysts for improving thinking ability.

6. Enhancing memory

It has been proved that learning to play the piano can significantly enhance memory, especially in language. Children who have learned the piano for several years can remember 20% more words than their peers.

7. Mood regulation

When listening to music, have you ever "trembled" because of unspeakable joy? Playing the piano can promote the secretion of serotonin and dopamine and other pleasant neurotransmitters, transmit positive signals to the brain and regulate people's emotions.

8. Relax the mood

Playing the piano can improve mental health: Musicians rarely feel anxious, lonely or depressed. This method is also widely used in the treatment of attention deficit disorder (ADD).

9. Enhancing Emotional Communication

For more than 300 years, the piano has always been the most eye-catching scenery in the family. Its musical charm can become a bond for relatives and friends to enhance their emotions.

10. Enhance self-confidence

Playing the piano gives you more opportunities to enhance your self-confidence. For example, attitudes towards constructive opinions and the ability to learn from them contribute to a positive outlook on life.

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