Several fatal bad mentalities of parents in the process of learning piano must be eliminated

It's a pleasure to learn piano, but if you meet a parent who is not clear-cut enough, even if the child is interested in it, he will fall into the dead end of learning piano. Let's see some bad mentality that is easy to make the child fall into trouble when learning piano.

Harm mentality 1: let go under the guise of "cultivating interest"

There are many parents, when they first came to learn piano, they were happy to say to the teacher, "we learn piano to cultivate interest, just as the children are happy to learn."

As a result, in the follow-up process of piano learning, the family did not care about it. They were totally happy with their children. They just sent their children to class. They didn't care whether they understood in class or practiced after class

These parents think: cultivate interest, do not need to interfere, children love to learn, if interested, they will learn.

Because of the lack of parents' active participation, children feel that it doesn't matter if they don't learn well. In the long run, children will soon lose interest in learning musical instruments.

Harmful mentality II: duplicity

This kind of parents often say: "we can learn by interest. The progress doesn't matter, and they don't ask him (the child) to take a test or anything."

But there is a good hope in my heart: "it's better that our baby is very gifted and can learn well by learning at will."

At the beginning, such parents were very tolerant of their children's piano learning attitude and would not force them to practice. However, after learning for a period of time, I found that the child's progress was not as expected, and then began to gradually become restless.

Two years later, it was found that the children who started to learn the piano together played very good tunes. When they got a certain level, their inner imbalance broke out in an instant, and their attitude changed 180 degrees. Not only did each class inevitably appear around the children, but also pointed out that the children were not familiar with the practice, and even urged the teacher to say, "let's go to the next level today." This cloud

Innocent children have to undergo such tremendous changes in their parents overnight. How much pressure should this young mind bear!

As the saying goes: Grow melon, grow beans, get beans.

If parents start with their children ’s interests and want their children to acquire skills in a relaxed and pleasant environment, then please do n’t pay too much attention to your child ’s piano learning progress, and do n’t make horizontal comparisons with other children ’s children.

If your child is slower, but can learn happily, and slowly fall in love with guzheng, and music, why do you destroy this beauty?

Please make more vertical comparisons. Think about your child ’s achievements a year ago and what they have now. There must be a delightful part.

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