Seven Steps for Self-taught Piano

Updated: Dec 24, 2019

Step 1

For adults to learn piano, we often have various questions: Is it difficult to learn the piano? It's not too late to learn it now? In fact, as long as we have a deep love for Piano music, it's not too late to start learning. Even though we are less coordinative and flexible as adults than children, our advantage is that we have a better understanding. I believe that persistent practice will make you play a happy tune. Therefore, the first step in the self-learning piano is to build up confidence.

Step 2

When you are determined to learn the piano, all you have to do is choose a suitable piano. If you don't have enough money, buying a second-hand piano is also a good choice.

Step 3

The greatest advantage of the information age is that we can find all kinds of resources on the Internet. Piano learning materials are no exception. We can search for many piano video tutorials through the Internet to help us learn.

Step 4

The beginning of piano learning is to learn music theory. Music theory seems rather boring, but it is necessary. In fact, we don't need to master it all at once. We can learn it gradually in the process of practising music.

Step 5

Regarding the piano hand shape, I think we should refer to the correct hand shape, but don't stick to the gesture of the hand. After all, the purpose of learning the piano is to play a beautiful melody instead of a beautiful posture. Besides, every pianist has his own hand posture, so we can't say who is absolutely right.

Step 6

Regular piano training usually starts with fingering, while the repertoire of fingering is usually boring. Self-learners are prone to lose interest in this method. Personal suggestions can be interpolated with tunes. Please choose the music with good fingering. It is not the stage of "self-creation". At first, the choice of the track is simpler, otherwise, it will not be practised for a long time, and the enthusiasm will be eliminated.

Step 7

The process of learning the piano is a continuous practice, mechanical playing inevitably makes people feel uninteresting. So when we don't practice, listen to more piano music to cultivate musical sense. Second, when we hear the melody, our interest in playing the piano is constantly stimulated, which is the motivation for us to adhere to.

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