Seven Advice for Starting Piano Learning

1. Never give up practice

It is easy for everyone to give up when they first start learning piano. But you should not give up. When you practice repeatedly and learn some skills, you can play the piano perfectly, then you can wait until the fun of playing, you have to believe in yourself, and the effort will definitely be worthwhile!

2. The beginning is very poor

The sounds of playing at the beginning are very bad. In the beginning, your practice sounds terrible. When everyone starts to learn a new instrument, they always want to play very amazingly, but it is always counterproductive. Practice is very hard and requires a lot of time and effort. Most of the time of the exercise, especially at the beginning, sounds terrible.

3. Don't compare with others

There are always people who play better than you. No matter how old you are to learn the piano, there are always people who are more talented than you. When you practice the piano slowly, you have made great progress. However, there must be someone who plays more than you. it is good. But you have already enjoyed the music.

4. Don't pursue perfection

No one can play perfect music when they first start learning. The music to be played needs to practice for a long time. It is best to start from the basics and learn scientifically and effectively. Everyone is looking forward to playing the piano perfectly, no matter how hard you try, but you are not a "child prodigy". In their eyes, you are one of the members of the group of children in the movie "Sound of Music".

5. Finger exercises are a must

Finger exercises are a must. Learning instruments will change your appearance. Will your fingers grind out the scorpion? That's right, you have already started learning instruments. But it doesn't matter, imagine the picture of your affectionate performance, recognize it! Your fingers will become tough, and your fingertips will never be the same except for the pain. The hand horny is also one of the criteria for testing practice levels!

6. Protect your musical Instruments

Protect your musical Instruments. The musical instrument is tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands! More valuable than yourself! Some musicians have to buy a ticket for the instrument on the plane! So please cherish the instruments in your hands! The good news is that the hand roll up piano is easy to pack and not easily damaged.

7. It took a long time

You have to sacrifice something. When you finally join an orchestra, you will find that real fun begins. You will sacrifice personal leisure or spend time with friends because you have to practice or rehearse.8 Many rules must be observed. It is true that there are many rules to learn to follow. It includes hand, sitting, some basic skills, etc. In order to be able to talk about the piano, it is best to follow the instructions.

Finally, you will be able to play the perfect music.

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