Selling a piano worth $850000 the story begins

Updated: Dec 24, 2019

China Pearl River Piano, selling a piano worth $850,000 online, the story begins

Buyer: Can I lie down and sleep in it?

Seller: Hello, sir. It's like this. According to historical records, the map of Qingming Shanghe River is 252 centimeters wide and 528.7 centimeters long. It draws a large number of houses and towers. I wonder if you want to sleep in a big house or in a city building. Please contact our customer service and report your name. After placing the order, we can apply to write your name for your big house or city building. Oh, you can lie down and sleep comfortably in it.

Buyer: Is it suitable to buy it with my aircraft carrier?

Seller: Of course, it’s very good! The atmosphere of Qingming Shanghe’s map and the domineering of the aircraft carrier will definitely make you stand out. Imagine that when you are in the aircraft carrier, you play Ravel’s “Lonely Boat in the Sea”, and the seagulls over the sky follow the wonderful melody. Dancing; playing Chopin's "The Sea", the fish in the sea follow the brisk rhythm of the water; playing Britton's "Dawn at Sea", the sparkling light under the clear sky will also flash for your graceful tune, if you Playing the romantic "Titanic", maybe you can also marry the mermaid!

Buyer: Can I drive a Ferrari to get this piano by myself? I'm worried about logistics damage.

Seller: of course! Ferrari's fleet of backup RVs covers an area of 186 square meters. A triangular piano covers only 3-4 square meters. Under the beautiful sound of the piano, your Ferrari gallops, and you can play the piano.

Buyer: Is this piano bought to affect the temperament of my villa?

Seller: It will definitely affect, if your villa is 5 million, if you buy this piano, your friend will come, you will think that you bought 10 million villas, 5 million pianos is good with 50 million villas, you said there will be What about the impact?

Buyer: I bought it and I don't want to play. Can I cut and light the piano to keep warm?

Seller: Of course, no problem, dear, this piano is mainly made of scaly pine wood. The flame color of this high-quality wood burns is blue. Before burning, play a Beethoven's Symphony of Destiny. Look at the blazing flames, I believe it will bring you a spring of inspiration for music creation!

Now there is a very popular instrument called "hand-rolled piano" on the Internet. Businesses claim that it can play piano instead of piano. We all know that the cost of a piano is relatively expensive, and the price of a hand-rolled piano ranges from 200 yuan to 600 yuan online.

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