Real piano lovers love of piano far exceeds your imagination

In China, there are many places where there are "piano stairs" and "piano roads". When you step on the stairs, you will flash "super piano melody"! Passengers follow the footsteps. "Steps... Someone walks over, this piano staircase will automatically play the music. !

Piano is like life. Life is an endless piano music. We must take every note seriously. Let's feel the sound of the piano on the ground with our heart and feel life with our heart.

Learning the piano has honed my will.

Learning piano is not easy,

It requires tenacity and a strong will.

It is like life needs to go through a lot of bumps.

On a quiet night,

I can only accompany with my piano.

At the moment of playing the piano,

My soul is already floating.

Listening to music played on the piano is intoxicating.

Different people like different tunes.

The same piano music makes people feel different!


Let's be passionate about life.

A person who likes piano music,

When there is no piano,

I can imagine seeing the piano in my mind.

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