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"Song of the Newspaper" is a popular children's song written by musician Nie Er in the 1930s. The tunes of the music are simple, eloquent, lively and smooth. With simple and vivid language, spicy and humorous tunes, they deeply describe the miserable life of the old society's newspaperboys and their desire for light.

La la la! La la la! I'm a little expert who sells newspapers. I don't wait for Tianming to wait for the newspapers to go. I am walking and calling. The news today is really good. I buy two newspapers for seven copper plates.

La la la! La la la! I'm a little newspaper-selling expert. I run all over the street in strong winds and rain. I can't walk well. I slip and fall. The muddy water is full of laughter. I only know the hunger and coldness.

La la la! La la la! I am a little newspaper-selling expert. I run across the street in hunger-resistant and cold-resistant places, I ca n’t eat enough, I ca n’t sleep well, and I tell anyone who has a painful life.

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