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Sheet Music - Nursery rhymes



What lights up the sky? The sun shines in the sky. What's green on the ground? The grass on the ground is green and green Shepherd children like green grass

The classical children's songs with Cantonese local characteristics are full of childlike and childlike interest, with beautiful melody and clear picture, which can improve children's interest in music, increase knowledge in children's songs, children's language and the way of music enlightenment!

There are nursery rhymes in all countries and ethnic groups around the world, and even in ethnic groups without words. Traditional nursery rhymes belong to folk literature and should be included in folk songs. Basically, nursery rhymes do not have clear categories and boundaries, and any folk songs that are suitable for children to listen to and sing can be classified as nursery rhymes.

Of course, the creator of nursery rhymes is not necessarily a child. Regardless of whether they are made by children for adults or originally belonged to adults, as long as they are accepted or imitated by children and active between children's mouth and ears, they can be regarded as Nursery rhymes. Nursery rhymes usually have strong local characteristics, witty and humorous, syllables harmonious, and short in form.

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