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Updated: Dec 24, 2019

What is Piano Learning? Piano learning is actually an education in which students are being taught how to play music on the piano. Piano education includes all the aspects regarding playing music on the piano. In piano learning, students are being taught following main concepts of piano: ✓ How to discover songs on the piano? ✓ What is the wait mode in the piano? ✓ How to play video or sheet music on the piano? ✓ How to play music in slow motion on the piano? ✓ How to use the loop function? ✓ How to select the right hand for playing music on the piano?

These are the main aspects which are covered in piano learning. There are many more other aspects as well which are covered in piano learning.

Why Piano learning is important for children? When a question comes on why piano learning is important for children there are lots of answers to this question. I will mention here only a few of them.1st and foremost thing about piano learning for children is that it leaves a very good impact on his or her life in many ways such as ➢ They can perform better in their schools. ➢ They become more disciplined ➢ They gain confidence ➢ They became more outgoing. ➢ They adopt the habit of making new friends. ➢ They learn how to read music. ➢ Their concentration on work will be increased.

Institutes Providing Music Education Here is a list of some schools in Pakistan that are providing music education to the children. • Rung school of music and art • Beaconhouse school system • The city school • The MAD school • The Leo music school • The school of performing arts and recoding Karachi (SPARK) • Dave school of music In the following section of the article, there is some more detail about these institutes that where are these institutes located and what they are serving or teaching to the children.

Rung School of Music and Art It is basically located in Islamabad. The main objective behind the establishment of this School is to develop or produce talented and expert artists. They want to polish the skills of talented youngsters or children. They are working on it and produce every year most talented artists. They are offering the following courses ✓ Visual Arts ✓ Performing arts ✓ Textile arts In visual arts, they are providing courses on drawing, painting, craft making, and printmaking etc. While in performing arts they giving courses on the many musical instruments such as guitar, sitar, violin, piano, drums act. Finally, in the textile arts they are providing courses on graphic design, fashion design, interior design etc.

Beaconhouse School System It is a Pakistan based school system of an international company. This school system is very widespread in almost all the major cities of Pakistan. All the major cities of Pakistan has its branches in them. They are teaching students in a very exceptional way. The course curriculum is well defined and in the favor of student’s benefit in every aspect. They include music in their curriculum. Their main goal is to teach students how to play music on some basic musical instruments such as piano, violin, guitar etc.

The City School It is also widespread school system in Pakistan. Like Beacon house school system, almost all the major cities of Pakistan has its branches. They also include music classes in their curriculum so that it is beneficial for students in many perspectives.

The Music Art and Dance (MAD) School It is mainly located in Karachi Pakistan. It is established in 2009 as a music school in Karachi. Initially, it was run by talented musicians as well as artists. It is a famous platform for youngsters and kids or children for music training. It is well known professional school and is very famous because of its exceptional performance among all the other music institutes in Pakistan.

The Leo Music School It is also Karachi based school both for youngsters as well as for children. In this music school, students are taught only about musical instruments such as piano, sitar, guitar, violin, and drums etc.

The School of Performing Arts and Recoding Karachi (SPARK) This music school is also situated in Karachi. It is giving music education both to young people as well as kids or children. Their main mission is to provide quality music education to music lovers. They provide lessons to young people on different musical instruments like piano, violin, guitar, Sitar, and drum. They are providing special music training on Piano to the children as well.

Dave School of Music Dave school of music is also located in Karachi and is providing music lessons or classes to the youngsters as well as children. They use different musical instruments like piano, guitar, sitar, violin Andaman others to teach music to the children and youngsters.

o The main method used by the institutes to give children piano lessons In different institutes, different instructors or teachers use their own methods to give students music education. Here is a common method which almost all the teachers used to give music education.

Best ways of teaching children music are developed according to tier interest. And these ways of teaching are build depending on the children interests so that they can learn easily and by enjoying it. In each teaching method, there is a strategy or an approach with clearly defined goals and objectives. In main method, students are involved both mentally and physically. Most teachers used this approach and involved their students both mentally and physically while teaching them how to play music on the piano.

Benefits of music education for children There are lots of benefits of music education for children. Major benefits of music education on the piano are given below: • It prevents brain processing and memory loss. • Improves mathematical skills. • Improves reading conception • Makes children creative • Teaches time management • Makes children disciplined and organized • Improves their concentration level • Strengthen hand muscles • Improves hand and eye co-ordination • Increases self-esteem • Increases cultural knowledge • Lessen the stress and anxiety • Provides entertainment • Allows tactile learning • Changes in mental ability • Changes brain structure • Makes children able to co-ordinates with fellows Let’s see all these benefits in detail.

• It Prevents Brain Processing Problems and Memory loss. As we grow older and older, the ability of brain to process the auditory signal is becoming slower and slower. Due to this fact, most people face the problem of hearing or memory loss in their old age. But the people or the children who are used to playing piano in their lives have not such brain processing, hearing or memory loss problems. This fact is proved by science as well. For reference, you can check this fact on abcNEWS as well. On the abcNEWS, there is a complete and brief article on this research.

Improves Mathematical Skills. Children who are used to play piano or music on any other musical instruments such as guitar, Sitar, violin etc. have excellent mathematical skills. They have excellent counting skills as well. Because playing music on piano or any other musical instruments improves their mathematical skills. They learn, by playing music on the piano, the concept of fraction and many other mathematical concepts.

Improves Reading Conception Children who are given education on playing music on the piano or any other musical instruments have excellent understanding or comprehension of reading. During playing music on musical instruments, their mind exercises reading comprehension and in this way, they have exceptional reading conception. They can very easily understand by just reading. This is a very good skill for children as it makes children intelligent as well.

Makes Children Creative Music education on different musical instruments such as piano makes children creative in every field other than specifically in the music field. It encourages creativity in children. Ana Pinto conducted research on piano and she found that when musicians or players are playing music on piano their brain’s ability of improvisation is firing to help them in the creation of unique and original styles as well as sound. In this way, children who are playing music on the piano or any other musical instruments become more creative in comparison with the children who are not getting music education or playing music on any musical instruments.

Teaches Time Management Children who are getting music education knows well how to manage their time. The practice of learning music, makes them responsible. Learning music requires proper time from their daily routine. It makes responsible and good time manager. They become more responsible in comparison with other children. The qualities that they adopt from music education is very helpful in their practical life. It makes them successful in their lives.

Makes Children Disciplined and Organized Learning music is a very good practice that makes children more disciplined as well as organized. As playing proper music on piano requires discipline, during this practice children become used to this practice and they start applying it in their daily routine as well. This is also one of the main qualities of successful people.

Improves Their Concentration Level Scientific study has revealed that multiple areas of the brain light up while playing music on musical instruments such as piano, guitar, sitar, violin etc. They found that while playing music on musical instruments the player’s or musician’s activity is equivalent to full body brain work-out. Playing music on piano strengthen multiple areas of the brain that improve the ability to concentrate. In these concerns, it is not surprising that playing on piano increases children’s concentration level and patience level.

Strengthen Hand Muscles While playing music on musical instruments involvement of hands is very significant that become the cause of strengthening children’s hand muscles. • Improves Hand and Eye Co-Ordination As in the practice of playing music on the piano or any other musical instrument hand and eye, coordination is very important. And proper training is done on it during music education. In this way, children who are getting or got music education has very efficient hand and eye co-ordination.

Increases Self-Esteem As learning how to play piano or any other musical instrument is very hard work and it requires dedication, it makes children more confident as well as selfesteemed. During their learning practice, they find excitement in playing music on musical instruments. After learning any aspect of playing music or how to play a piece of music, they find it not more than a victory. It makes them more confident.

Increases Cultural Knowledge Students or children who play music on the piano has vast knowledge about culture. As playing music on musical instruments is strictly cultural because chords that are made on musical instruments are culture based. In this way, students or children know more about their culture.

Lessen the Stress and Anxiety Scientific studies on music education have shown that playing music on musical instruments is the cause to reduce the stress and anxiety level. Studies on the piano have revealed that playing music on piano help to treat the depression which is a common problem in today’s era.

Provides Entertainment It is the main source of entertainment for children. Children found it very entertaining to play music on musical instruments. In this way in addition to increasing their skills, they also enjoy it.

Allows Tactile Learning Tactile learning is the type of learning in which students are involved in physical activities. Music education its self is a sort of tactile learning because in music education students directly perform activities on musical instruments.

Changes in Mental Ability Music education changes children mental ability because learning music or piano requires hard work and dedication. The practices that they do during learning piano or any other musical instruments makes them more strong mentally.

Changes Brain Structure Scientific study on music education for children has revealed that learning music changes children’s brain structure. They showed through research that by learning music or piano, the way in which their brain process changes. In this way, the structure of the brain of the people who play music on musical instruments is changed.

Makes Children Able to Co-Ordinates with Fellows While playing music on musical instruments co-ordination is very necessary. So this practice of coordination during playing music on musical instruments make children more coordinated towards their fellows as well.

Conclusion From the above brief description of music education for children in Pakistan, it is very clear that the main purpose of music education is to make them successful in their lives.

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