Pay attention to buying piano teach you how to choose piano

Updated: Dec 24, 2019

More than 50,000 piano tuning experience tells me that there are the following elements in choosing a piano:

1. Manufacturers:

Choose a brand piano with a long history and excellent quality. In fact, piano brand is an important factor!

The quality of piano mainly depends on the piano's workmanship, namely: precision! Material and design are one of the factors that determine the quality of piano. The designer draws the drawings and assembles the piano according to the drawings.

A vertical piano consists of more than 8000 parts. It takes about 300 working procedures and more than one month to complete the assembly and adjustment of a piano in a large piano production line. Work requires skilled technical cooperation of workers, strict quality management and many other factors; even the most top piano manufacturers employ a large number of new employees, the initial mobility of personnel is relatively large, the most important thing is that there is not a few years of technical training, skilled operation, perfect management can not achieve quality stability.

Therefore, the quality of piano produced in the past five years is unstable.

In addition, piano production is mainly divided into woodworking, painting, workshop, each workshop is divided into multiple processes, most workers are limited to a single process. Therefore, it is suggested to choose a brand piano with long production history and stable reputation.

Because there are many unpredictable variables in the piano (such as the radian of the sound board, precision, etc.), the state of each piano is different, and some even very different. Generally speaking, after the piano is manufactured, it needs to be adjusted by the piano tuning lawyer to show its "real" side to customers; YAMAHA piano with high precision is not tuned.

2. Annual output, export volume and enterprise scale:

Usually, the bigger the enterprise is, the stronger the fund, the better the equipment and materials, and the more talented people there are... These factors can basically guarantee the quality and reputation of products.

3. Material:

A. Source:

Sound source part of the material to locate the quality of acoustics, good materials have good sound.The advantages of composite materials are: strong resistance to tension, temperature and humidity, low production cost (materials and technology), and low price.

Disadvantages: poor pronunciation effect, poor sound quality retention ability (a few years later there will be "echo" phenomenon);

Advantages of solid wood: According to different quality of wood, the sound transmission effect is different, but the overall sound transmission effect and sound quality retention performance are better than composite materials; Disadvantages: poor tension resistance, temperature and humidity resistance.

2. Mechanical part:

keyboard Choose solid wood keyboard as far as possible. Composite board keyboard has solid wood composite board and large core board. Solid wood composite board keyboard has better quality with Pearl River piano. It can be judged by nail detection of hardness (density) of wood keyboard, wood grain and so on. The smaller the density, the easier to deform; conversely, plants in cold zone grow slowly, and wood is easy to deform. Material density is large, so long as the material selection and drying treatment are appropriate, there will be no deformation.

According to different age, experience and other factors, each person's preference for sound is different. In addition, different styles of music also need different quality piano. It is suggested that professionals be invited to help select. Until satisfied.

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