Parents do not understand the piano, how to accompany the children to practice the piano?

Parents do not understand the piano, how to accompany the children to practice the piano?! Scientific use of piano accompaniment pen, so that parents who do not understand the piano can also accompany children to practice the piano!

Learn the piano to master the method skills, scientific use of piano pen, can effectively shorten the piano practice time! Achieve the effect of doing more with less!

Stage 1: Listen

Will learn a few songs this week, with the piano to accompany the pen to listen to the child, can be the whole song to enjoy, repeated many times.

The purpose of this stage is to familiarize the child with the melody of the song.

The second stage: the separation of sentences and practice

Break down a song into different sentences, each practiced separately. Can be combined with the piano club metronome card, adjust to the slowest speed, let the child develop the habit of playing with the beat. You can choose three of the metronomefroms from slow to fast, such as 52, 56, 60. When the child a happy sentence 52 speed full bounce down, and then increase a speed 56, play 2 times, no problem, and then raise a speed of 60, and then play 2 times.

When the three set speed and play are not a problem, you can use a pen to click on this sentence, follow up. to confirm the accuracy of this practice. (The parents who accompany the exercise, you can pay attention to the rhythm of the child in the practice, the pitch.) To assist your child in completing the correct learning of this sentence) and then follow the above to learn other sentences.

The third stage: the whole song string practice

After the second stage of the follow-up, has ensured the rhythm and pitch of each sentence throughout the song. This stage is to string together the sentences.

First listen to the piano practice pen in the middle-speed exercise. It doesn't matter if I start listening to it a little faster. With the whole song melodic impression, you can set the right child's three speeds, of course from slow to fast yo. Patiently and the beat slowest. If there is something wrong in the middle don't stop, skip. Because you have a chance to play the second time. A speed to play three times (of course, according to their own circumstances to determine, at least three times) no problem, calm down to listen to a piano practice pen. Get familiar with the rhythm of the melody again. Practice the second speed gradient.

When the three speed exercises are all problems, and the piano accompaniment pen in the teacher playing a PK. For the first time, there's definitely a little bit of a catch up (because you've only practiced nine times). It doesn't matter, after PK you and your child know the standard of playing. Know where you're trying. After the goal is clear. Exercise for a few more days can put this teacher PK out. PK victory feeling is very fulfilling oh!

The fourth stage: master the knowledge of music theory, grasp the practice of playing style.

Piano accompaniment pen matching learning materials, each pointing to the left side of the small finger, is the performance style of the song and key difficulties of the explanation. Listen carefully.

Basically, there is this style in the upper left corner of each song, such as Allegro, Vivace these are the musical terms of the style of the song (similar to Chinese article is the description or discussion), with the piano accompaniment pen tap, can easily hear its pure Italian pronunciation and Chinese explanation. This feature is easily implemented not only on the score, but also on the metronome card.

In addition to the performance style of the whole song, also pay attention to every symbol on the spectrum (similar to the meaning of the paragraph we Chinese) every strength mark, the emoticons are clicked on the pure Italian and Chinese explained. Such as: P, mf, etc. Knowing these, you can play in the third stage on the basis of proficiency, pay attention to the performance of these symbols, handle the details of the song playing.

Don't forget, listen to the original speed play yo! Piano friends to practice each song has the original speed to play. The reason a song can impress people is that these details are handled very well. Qinyou training materials is a tool book, where you will not be able to point there, where to learn.

Phase 5: Preparation before returning to class

Because there is a piano to practice pen this professional teacher in the side to accompany, the child every practice steps have standards, the direction of efforts is very clear, practice will do more with less.

This stage is to listen to the piano to practice pen play, contrast with their own playing, that a musical sentence is their own has not played well, purposeful focus to strengthen. After clicking on the sentence with a pen several times, follow the practice repeatedly. After the breakthrough, carry out slow, medium-speed repeated practice. Pay attention to hand type, fingering, detail processing.

Phase 6: Back to Class

After five stages of standard practice, I believe that the quality of children return to class must be very high. The teacher will be surprised at his excellent efforts. At this time don't forget to tell the teacher you helped him get a good assistant yo!

The original teacher a class of 45 minutes, with 20 minutes to correct your mistone, rhythm of this time can be completely saved. About this track, the teacher will talk about some processing skills, such as: jumping, whether to jump with a finger, or wrist jump, or to drive the small arm of the big jump. These are handled differently in different tunes. At the same time, you can also introduce the background of the song and so on, or teach some new courses. Or reward your child for playing a pop song.

The original three lessons to complete the song, the child can be all done in one lesson. Not only save time, children's confidence will be greatly enhanced, learning the interest and initiative will be strengthened.

With the help of piano accompaniment pen, not only easily achieved the accompaniment, but also achieved high-quality accompaniment, you relaxed, the child relaxed, the teacher also relaxed. A harmonious and cheerful atmosphere of learning the piano has been created. To increase self-confidence in music and to find happiness, we all achieve it.

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