Non-reflective handwriting Music Folder For Presentation Folder reviews

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The binder is good. I want to summarize the scattered scores. However, the packaging was opened, the seal on the packaging box was cut off, and fortunately, the binder was not damaged.

Musical booklet received. Just fine. Consistent with the description, but a little expensive. It's still acceptable and can be purchased if needed.

There are a lot of scores that can be placed, and they are not reflective, especially in the light. It is very clear to take notes on the score. It is also very convenient to take notes without writing them out, and then put them in. The quality is also very thick, I like them very well. The baby is very good, the original music is everywhere, now everything is normal. Simple and generous, very good-looking, and the quality is very good. Recommend to buy it!

The quality is very good, it is convenient, you do n’t need to turn the page, practice guitar artifacts, and bought 4 more, you can put 300 scores, it is recommended to everyone!

The newly bought music stand also arrived, just in time. The material is thicker than expected! !! Happy ♥ Next time I want to add a loose leaf and come back 🙏

The whole is not bad, it is not reflective, and it is convenient to record without having to draw it out. It is recommended to buy it. Nice, because I bought this score, I no longer have to worry about the score problem and be thrown out of the classroom by the teacher!

The appearance is good-looking and generous. I like the design of the inner pages. Generally, the loose-leaf sheet music has the danger of breaking and dying, and it is not easy to turn the pages. The transparent loose-leaf bag is often thin and easy to break. It ’s great. Dad who has a choir who is practicing also bought this, I believe he will be very surprised!

When I received it, I liked it very much. I bought several copies for my colleagues. If it was cheaper, it would be better. I hope buyers will give some discount!

Great, the score will never be piecemeal again, and it's better than ordinary folders, not reflective!

The authentic purple is very beautiful, the material is very good, and the thickness is just right! The parents of the children who were attending the class asked me where to buy it, and I highly recommend it to everyone!

Received the goods! Children need such clips to learn the piano. The key is not reflective. The children's convenience is recommended by the piano teacher! Good quality and cheap, very good!

The baby has been received. It looks pretty good. It hasn't been used yet. If you remember to use it, come back and evaluate the simple style. Should be great

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