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Updated: Dec 24, 2019

Hobby is one of those things that anyone do in his or her spare time. It is an activity that people love to do. People used a hobby to refresh their mind and to take a break from their boring or hectic daily routine.

Different people have different hobbies according to his or her passion. They adopt the thing or activity as a hobby on which he or she can spend more time and something he or she enjoy to do and never ever get bored in doing that thing or task.

I love to spend more time on music. Music as a hobby is the best one of all hobbies. It is very common as well.Almost all the people around there like music. I like music and I spent much of my time on it. If we talk about music as a hobby different people like different things about music. Some people love just listen to music. While others like to create or make music by using musical instruments such as drum kits, piano, Sitar, Violin and many more.

Listening music is a great thing but to create music is even more interesting thing to do. Making music is an art of combining instrumental sounds. I love to compose music on my portable piano. For making music I prefer roll up piano as it has lots of amazing features in it. I have my own portable roll up piano. There is nothing so tough in it’s use. It is very easy to make music using a portable piano.

It has many features that help me in spending more time on my hobby. The most important thing that is in favour of my hobby is its portability. As it is portable I can take it with myself anywhere without any trouble.

Benefits of Making Music as a Hobby There are different benefits of making music as a hobby. Few of these benefits are summarized below:

Improves Communication Skills As I adopted making music as my hobby it helped me a lot in improving my communication skills in many ways. I observed that from the time I have started playing music on the portable piano it became easy for me to understand many vocabulary words. Along with understanding, it also became easy for me to remember vocabulary words. Playing music on portable piano improved my communication skills by improving my vocabulary.

Improves Visual Skills By playing portable piano, my visual capabilities are increased. It became more easy for me to understand or remember things after just having their view for once. It is because playing the portable piano is very good practice to improve visual skills.

Improves Verbal Skills Best thing I have got from playing music is that my verbal skills are improved to the next level. I can speak fluently on any topic.

Keeps Mind Healthy Playing music on the portable piano is the best activity to keep the mind healthy. As I play music on my portable piano, my brain remains alert. When I play music, it became the cause of my brain exercise which is very necessary to keep the human brain active as well as healthy. To play music on portable piano increases mental sharpness as well as sharpens memory. Music also helps people who have any memory loss to regain their memory. But the severity of conditions is a limitation.

Cause of Happiness Playing music on my portable piano is the main cause to bring happiness in my life. It is because music changes the mood swings from sad to happy or angry to happy. It is the best activity to bring change in my boring or dull daily routine. It actually changes the mental state. It refreshes the mind or brain that becomes the cause of happiness. After refreshing the mind or brain by playing music on a portable piano it becomes easy for me to do my daily tasks. Without playing music on the portable piano it becomes difficult for me to continue my daily basis tasks. In this way, for me playing music is very beneficial as it refreshes my brain and helps to do my daily basis tasks happily.

Blood Pressure Benefits According to a survey, music has the capability to lower high blood pressure. So playing music or listening to music is the best therapy for people who suffer blood pressure. As I spend much of my time in playing and listening to music of roll up piano I never have had high blood pressure. If somehow I feel that my blood pressure is shooting I use music therapy which always gives better results in the form of stable blood pressure.

Plus Rate Benefits According to the scientific studies that are done over time, music is capable of controlling plus rate. It strengthens or boosts up the heart activity . Studies have shown that music is one of the factors that causes the release of endorphins in the human brain. And Endorphin is the thing or hormone which improves the health or fitness of the heart. Along with strengthening the heart playing music also reduces the recovery duration of patients with a heart problem. So, my hobby that is playing music on a portable piano also helps me in maintaining good health.

Boosts Immune system According to the research done on music, it is revealed that music boosts up the human immune system as well. Music boosts the immune system by reducing the release of cortisol hormone which is basically a stress hormone that causes the weakening of the human immune system.

Cortisol also enhances the chance of heart diseases, playing music on musical instrument , by decreasing the release of cortisol, lowers the chance of heart disease. In this way playing music on portable piano helps me in maintaining my health by keeping me safe from heart disease.

Reduces Pain Playing or listening to music lowers cortisol level and increases antibodies level. Antibodies fight with virus or bacteria and kill them. In this way, playing music on portable piano play a role in reducing pain. Whenever I feel the pain in any part of my body, I play portable piano, after a few minutes of playing I started feeling a reduction in pain.

Other Benefits of Playing Music on Portable Piano As the piano is portable I can easily carry it anywhere any time with no trouble. I neither have to wait for the best time in the day to play portable piano nor have to arrange a specific place to play piano. I can continue my hobby of playing portable piano no matter where I am. In addition to its portability ,it’s battery is also rechargeable so I do not have to change it's battery to use it. All I have to do is to charge it’s battery which is not problem for me.

I enjoy music in different ways as my hobby. With portable piano I can listen to music along with playing music. when I find an artist or musician that satisfies me I collect their this way along with playing and listening, collecting music is also my great hobby.

There are no boundaries of music as a hobby. The world becomes smaller as well as boring , if there is no music. There are different genres in music. I play or listen to various genres. R and B genres are the one I mostly listen. I listen to these genres because these are related to my life .Piano involves the following musical genres: • Jazz • Blues • Concerto • Orchestra • Ragtime • Instrumental • Classical • Improvisational • Gospel • Contemporary

I play most of these genres on the solo piano because the piano can produce each of four components that create a particular genre. The piano is capable of producing any type of music, so I enjoy every style of music. It is not only suited for those situations where harmony enhances the hand’s reach. Many types of music from India and other countries cannot be played on piano, because pitches of there melodies fall in the center of piano keys. I generally play ragtime on solo piano.

I think music is a reading teacher as well. I listen to many singers. While doing some job , I listen to music I composed on my portable roll up piano. In this way, I enjoy my job too. My mind and soul remain relaxed and fresh. It becomes convenient for me to continue my job. The songs and music generated by portable piano give a soothing effect and it removes stress, relieves pain, makes me excited to do further work as well.

Most humans or people are dependent on drugs and alcohol but I am addicted to music. Music has numerous meaning to me. I found peace as well as satisfaction in playing music on my portable roll up piano because my this hobby keeps me mentally and physically healthy as well as fit.

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