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Updated: Dec 24, 2019

Hobby is most commonly described as the activity people do in their spare times. Hobby is the action that helps people to relax their mind and gives a break from their boring and dull daily routine.

Everyone wants to change in their daily routine. To have a change in their life some people get support in the form of their hobby. So different people do different activities as their hobby to relax their mind and to distracts themselves from stresses of the daily routine.

Hobby is the activity that makes someone satisfied or relaxed even when his or her life is going through some stressful or disappointing phase. Many people are just concerned with the joy or happiness that they get from their hobbies while other people used their hobbies to make money along with finding happiness in them.

  • Music as a hobby Different people have different hobbies regarding music. Some people love just to listen to music. They find satisfaction in listening to music. While other people like to compose music on different musical instruments such as piano, drums, violin, guitar etc. I am also one of those people who love to compose music on musical instruments. Different people like different instruments to compose music. Some people love to compose music on the piano, some like to compose or play music on drums while some of them love to compose music on violin or guitar etc. I love to play or compose music on drums. Playing music on the drum is my all time favorite activity. I love playing music on drums. My love for music can be judged from the fact that when I was a child, just music was the thing that might calm me every time I cried. When I was in teenage, I used to go to a place where the drum kit was available. Initially, when I was not much familiar about the drum kit, I just observe the drummers how they play music on drums. After some time I started trying to compose or play music on drums. With the passage of time, I became an expert at playing music on drums. Initially, when I started playing on drums I did not have my own drum kit. I was used to going to a place where the traditional drum kit was available. I regularly went there to play music. After some time I find it difficult to travel so long to reach the place where the traditional drum kit was available. I want to buy my own drum kit but there were different problems in having my own drum kit like it was very costly as well as it was big in size so that it was difficult for me to place or adjust it in my home. Then I found a portable drum kit which is neither much expensive nor large in size. I purchased the portable drum kit and now I have no such problems. Now I have my own portable drum kit that I used to play or compose music. I regularly play music on my drum kit to relax my mind. Playing music on a portable drum kit gives me satisfaction as well as a distraction from daily dull or boring routine.

  • Benefits or Advantages I Found in Playing Music on Drum There are lots of benefits I found in playing or composing music on the portable drum kit. Few of these advantages I have mentioned in the following section.

  • Reduce Stress Playing music on drums reduces my stress and frustration. Whenever I am frustrated or stressful I always go for playing music on my drum kit. After playing drums, I always felt that my frustration or stress is reduced to the next level. Researchers of evolutionary psychology have concluded about the playing music on the drum that Playing music on drums is an active performance (of music) that produces endorphin high, it is not the music itself which produces endorphins. I found playing music on drums stress reliever. I found after playing drum just for few minutes boost up my mood.

  • Boost my Brain Power I have observed that from the time I have started playing music on the drums my IQ level is improving. Research on playing drums has revealed that drums can boost brain activity in a measurable way. Playing music on drums make the human brain able to think differently. After the time I started the practice of playing music on drums I found that I have started thinking very differently in different situations. As playing on drums my limbs are involved and I have to coordinate my limbs to work together While doing this practice my brain has to strengthen the non-dominant side of my brain to coordinate with the dominant side.

  • Increase my Confidence Playing or composing music on drums is a very powerful activity as it increases the confidence level. While playing on drums I have to face some challenging situations as well that makes me more confident. It makes me able to believe myself in a different situation that I can do it. It gives me confidence that I can overcome the obstacles which are coming in my life in a certain situation. It makes me able to work independently.

  • Improves my Communication Skills By playing music on drums, my communication skills have increased to the next level as well. Now I can communicate in a better way. I can express my ideas without using words. By playing music on drums I have learned how to read cues that are non-verbal. By this practice, I have learned how to read between the lines.

  • Increases my Academic Performance From the time I have started playing on drums, I have noticed that my academic performance has increased to the next level. The relation between academic performance as well as musical practice has been documented many times by many experts. Playing music on drums has increased my mathematics learning skills. It helps me in learning math formulas as well as multiplication tables. It helps me in understanding the concept of the fraction in mathematics easily. It also improved my English subject by helping me in understanding or identifying emotional cues. Playing music on drums has made me able to think logically that helped me in solving my problems which are relevant to my academic course.

  • Makes New Friends The time when I did not have my own drum kit, I was used to going to the place where the drum kit was available. There I had an opportunity to meet different new people and make them friends. In this way, I have an opportunity to learn more from the people.

  • Get me Fit Composing or playing music on a portable drum keeps me fit mentally as well as physically.According to research, by playing or composing music drums I can burn 270.4calories in half an hour. Playing music on drums also keep me healthy and fit. It helps me in controlling cardiovascular problems. Playing music on drums involves both physical motions like limbs movement as well as brain involvement. It helps me in controlling high blood pressure. Above all these benefits playing music on drums help me in fighting with depression which keeps my brain healthy.

  • No Formal Training is Required The most interesting part I have found in playing or composing music on the portable drum kit is that I do not need any formal training which is necessary for playing or composing music on other musical instruments such as piano, guitar, violin, sitar etc.

  • It’s my Lifelong Learning Playing or composing music on the portable drum kit is my life long learning. I can utilize it at any stage of my life to get health benefits or I can also use it as a source to make money. I keep it as long as I want. Learning drums has enhanced my skills beyond the other lessons. I have endless opportunities to improve my skills regarding playing the portable drum.

  • The disadvantage of Playing Music on Drums Anything that has benefits in its services also has some disadvantages as well. Similarly, playing on drums also has some disadvantages like.

  • Drum Kits are not Silent Even if I am playing drum kits on headphones, these are not silent at all. The sounds which are produced by striking the pads or by kicking the pedals can be heard easily and these sounds are some times loud enough that people around me who are not interested in listening drum sounds get irritated and sometimes they have a complaint.

  • Conclusion Playing music as a hobby is a very versatile topic to discuss. The main thing about playing music on a portable drum is that it is a universal activity. I mentioned very briefly about my music hobby in this article that how I adopted playing music on the drum kits as my hobby and what are benefits or disadvantages I am facing regarding playing music, as my hobby.

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