Music Education in Pakistan

Updated: Dec 24, 2019

What is Music Education?

Music education includes all types of situations and learning that are considered

while making or composing music by musicians or music expert. Some of these

musical learning are specially given in classrooms in the form of music lessons

which are given weekly or monthly.

There are also some other music tuition which are given online or in academies.

These tuition are also included in music education. The main objective of music

education is to teach music lovers how to compose music on different musical

instruments such as piano, guitar, sitar, violin and many more.

➢ Why Music Education is Necessary for Adults?

Music education is necessary for adults because it has lots of benefits for them.

Nina Krau who is director of Northwestern’s Auditory Neuroscience Laboratory

says about music that:

“We don’t see these kinds of biological changes in people who are just listening to

music, who are not playing an instrument. I like to give the analogy that you’re not

going to become physically fit just by watching sports.”

This is how music changes the brains of human beings. The effects of music on the

brain is the biggest reason that goes in the favor of music education for adults.

Composing music is the thing that trains the human brain and makes it able to think

differently and most importantly it makes players very good listeners. Its because

the music composers find pleasure in listening. Among many other benefits, music

is also beneficial for human health as well.

Music education also provides students a disciplined approach to solve their

problems. Research on music education has revealed that music education

prepares people to manage their daily tasks successfully. Music education makes

people creative, a critical thinker as well as a good team worker.

These are the key features that are very necessary for a person to spend a

successful life. So music education is very beneficial for people.

➢ Background or History of Music Education in Pakistan

Pakistani music is as divergent as its social population. It ranges from Sufi Islam

which is a widespread brand of music, qawwali is the main branch of it, to a nice

primitive rock 'n' roll.

Pakistani music contains lots of elements including music from many parts of

Central Asian as well as South Asia, Arabic, Turkish, Persian, and current day

Western modern music influences. By combining these several influences, a

characteristic Pakistani sound has been designed.

From Pakistan's establishment time, music was a type of entertainment just like anywhere else in the world. But dissimilar to Pakistan's hardline-Islamist image today, society was just slightly different back then.

In the past, there were no proper institutes in Pakistan that specifically teach about music. People who were interested in music had to struggle on their own. They had to utilize their own resources. There were also people who wanted to learn music but they did not have resources. Or they did not have proper guidance or understanding about how to do that.

Now the world has become competitive. Every country is part of this competition. Due to this competition, deficiencies in every field are observed. The result of observation was that Pakistan realized it is necessary for Pakistan to stand in competition there must be some institutes where music education should be given to the people who are the talent of Pakistan and want to learn music.

Today there are lots of educational institutes where music education is given to the students. There are different academies or institutes in different cities of Pakistan where music education is given to the students. Different types of music education are given in different institutes. Some institutes teach students about how to play music on guitar or any other musical instruments while others teach how to play music on the piano.

The piano is one of the most used musical instruments. It is widely used to make tones or rhymes.

➢ Institutes that Provide Music Education in Pakistan There are many institutes in Pakistan where music education on the piano is given but I will mention here a few of them.

National Music Academy It is the first international music academy. Its one campus is located in Lahore. It is the first music academy in Pakistan which was built to teach students about music. They provide students a creative education which has become very beneficial for the people who are fond of learning music education. There are many categories of music education. They teach how to play music on different instruments. The courses they are providing includes。

Courses on Guitar • Courses on Piano • Courses on Drum • Courses on Violin • Harmonium courses • Vocal courses • Table courses • Flute courses

The main aim of the faculty of this academy is to teach their students about all the aspects of playing music. They teach their students how to record, play or read music. In piano lessons, they teach their students how to play different styles of piano. The various styles of piano they teach their students in the academy include • Classical • Jazz • Contemporary Rock • Blues pop • Country and world o The Approach they Adopt to Teach Students Piano 1st of all they complete a comprehensive overview to understanding their students that what they are at their piano lessons. In this way, they came to know how much their students know the piano. After knowing their students they give them technical and theoretical lessons. After that, they provide them some hands-on performance content so that they may know more about playing music on the piano. They give their students some weekly lessons. Along with weekly lessons they also provide them practical workshops. In addition to attending these workshops for their knowledge students also have opportunities to perform in these workshops as well. This opportunity gives their students more knowledge about playing music on piano as well as the confidence to work on a platform where their skill is recognized by many people. In this way, they came to know about the real-world approach towards the piano. They also prepare their students to perform on auditions at different locations. By doing this practice, they get the confidence to face people on stage. o Piano Lessons at LUMS The main aim of piano education which is given at LUMS is to give lessons to the people who have no prior experience of how to play the piano. They teach their students both musically and technically. They enable their students to understand and play music on the piano in an artistic manner. o Main Content they Teach about Piano Following are the main content outline that they teach their students about the piano. • Fundamentals of Piano • Correct posture • Correct finger position on the piano • How to play chords on the piano • How to play melodies on the piano • Piano techniques • Piano exercises • How to understand piano music • How to read piano notations • How to Sight read melodies • Recital songs • How to perform on stage live. After this complete course individual becomes able to play music on piano expertly and professionally. They also provide facilities to the people with disabilities so that they will be encouraged. o National Academy of Performance Arts(NAPA) It is located in Karachi. Today, it is six years of existence of national academy of performing arts and it is among the most popular musical training institutes of Pakistan. At national academy of performance arts, special importance is given to the orchestral tools which are frequently used in Pakistan. Though, students are also familiarized to some of the other musical instruments utilized today in a contemporary symphony orchestra. The main objective of this academy is to teach students how to play and compose music on different musical instruments like Guitar, Piano violin, Sitar etc. They have experienced as well as talented teachers who teach students the composition of music on different musical instruments. It is one of the most well-known academies of Pakistan that produce hundreds of talented and expert music composers every year in Pakistan. o Piano Lessons on is an online marketplace of Pakistan where different services are available very easily. It is entirely built by Pakistani people. It has all the facilities ranging from simple household appliances to the online education system. At, online piano lessons are available. It is a very versatile platform that provides facilities to the people all around in Pakistan. Piano classes which are available on the are for all the people living in any city of Pakistan. Anyone living in any city of Pakistan who is fond of learning piano lessons can avail the opportunity from the It is a very versatile online platform for the people who want to learn how to play music on the piano. Tutors provide online lessons as well as home tuitions, if possible means available in their area, to the students who want to learn playing music. Anyone can get benefit from this opportunity with no trouble if he or she has no other opportunity to learn the piano. o Piano Lessons on StarOfService It is also an online marketplace which is established in 2013. It is not Pakistan based platform. But it provides services for Pakistani people as well. It also provides facilities ranging from small services to large services. In its services, it also includes online piano lessons. The tutors are available there which teach their students piano by their online classes. They give their students proper training for a few months. In their training, they give their students assignments and tasks regularly so that they can use Piano like an expert which is only possible if their students will properly work on the piano. They also give them projects which make their students confident user or player of the piano. Students have to buy tutor offer and pay for learning piano through this platform . • ChaosAds Piano Lessons Like starsOfService and, it is also an online marketplace where all the services are available. It is Karachi Pakistan based platform which offers services in different cities of Pakistan like Faisalabad, Lahore, Karachi Manipur, Gwader, Gujranwala etc. In their services, there are services with the name of lessons. In these lessons, there are piano lessons available. These lessons are given by professionals in the form of online classes. In addition to the online classes, it also provides the service of home tuitions for the people who lie in the cities or near the home city of instructor or teacher who will give a piano lesson to the student. They give music lessons to students of all ages. They also adopt the same method that I mentioned in the above two services. They give their students proper training. During their training, they also give them assignments as well as a project to make them experts in playing music on the piano. o Beatles Music Academy Beatles music academy is located in Karachi. This academy is providing education to the students who have an interest in music and also give them an opportunity to work on their skill by working more on it. They provide music lovers an opportunity to explore their talent and exhibit their skills. They are providing lessons on the following categories • Guitar • AMPS and effects • Keyboard • Piano • Drums • Percussion • Violins • Harmonicas and recorders

They teach them how to play the piano to the next level. There are experienced teachers who give lessons on music to the students. This academy is producing experts of music who know how to play music on many different musical instruments like piano, guitar, harmonium etc.

➢ Conclusion From the above brief description, it is clear that learning of instrumental or vocal music is part of the world and it has constantly been a one to one process. Learning instrumental or vocal music always includes the teacher who is an expert musician who knows each and every perspective of composing music on different musical instruments like guitar, piano, violin etc. and a student who is a music lover and fond of learning music.

In learning or teaching instrumental music transmission has always been oral. The common method which is adapted to teach music in Pakistan is that the teacher plays music on his instrument and the student understands or learn it by playing on his own instrument or by listening to it. In any institute where music is being taught to the students, the exposure to the instruments is more than any other discipline.

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