May I ask guys, is there any way to adjust pianio?

My newly purchased YAMAHA UX-1 8 3 years, the use of the process found that the key when the mechanical sound (should be the key reply with where collision or friction issued the sound) is relatively large, is to press down and so on the sound stopped and then suddenly loose hand that sound is relatively large, I do not know how to describe, especially the treble is more obvious, Also listened to the other new piano, this voice is also only slightly smaller. When playing, if the old hand basically can not hear, the novice will be obvious, do not know that this is not normal. May I ask guys, is there any way to adjust?

Normal, that is the traditional acoustic mechanical piano has existed; 

Some of the problemist is (i.e. you say there is a big difference), because after all, it is the second handicap for many years, the key end of the "back pillow" is compacted, when the front end of the key lift reset tail to the knotn on the pillow to make a shock, and conducted to the lower mid-plate board to make its voice "amplify", so that, Of course, I feel the mechanical vibration sound of this key coming down (especially the energy of the music in the extreme treble area is less than the mid-bass area) which is too big. 

Adjustment, you can try to loosen the back pillow or the key end end and pillow ni's contact surface appropriately smaller (will be the rear of the pillow ni a thin strip thickness corresponding to the cardboard, but this to re-do the key level ingress deep adjustment, relatively more troublesome) to improve.

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