Lets Unbox the Roll Up Piano

Updated: Dec 24, 2019

Hey! Have you used Roll up piano ever before? Or are you interested in using the roll up piano? Or are you facing problem in unboxing the roll up piano? Or are you one of those people who are interested in knowing what is roll up piano actually? Let’s make it easy for you to unbox the roll up piano and make it clear to you what is actually roll up piano. Let’s reveal the main features and characteristics of roll up piano that makes a roll up piano exceptional among all the other categories of an electronic piano.

In the 1st and following section of this article here is a complete procedure of unboxing the roll up piano. In the procedure that illustrates the unboxing of roll up piano, there is a brief description along with the pictorial view of each step of the procedure. It is human nature that we can understand more from the images or pictures.

So, for your convenience, I have posted pictures with each step that will help you in understanding. In addition to the brief description as well as pictorial representation of each step, the reference of the video is also given which completely elaborates the procedure of unboxing the roll up piano.

In the next section of this article, the main features of roll up piano are mentioned. This section of the article is followed by the section in which amazing specifications of roll up piano are listed in brief.

Let’s start unboxing the portable roll up piano. If you follow all the steps given below to unbox the roll up piano, you will never face any difficulty in it.

Steps to unboxing the Roll up Piano For your convenience, I have divided the complete procedure of unboxing roll up piano into proper steps so that there is no difficulty in any situation. To unbox Roll up the piano properly, follow the following steps carefully:

Step# 1 Place the box in front of you horizontally such that the side of the box from where it will open is facing you. It is very clearly shown in the figure given below:

Step# 2 Before opening the box examine all the instructions or images printed on it so that you can open it easily and in the right manner without damaging any of its components.

Step# 3 Now open the box as shown in the figure given below:

Step# 4 After opening the box you will find user manuals placed on the roll up piano. It is shown in the figure given below:

User manuals are actually a guide book for the users to make it easy for them to use the product. It completely contains all the instructions about how to use the product. It also contains the precautions that the user has to keep in mind to avoid any damage or failure of its functionality.

Step# 5 Now pick the piano from the box and remove the cover from it as shown in the figure given below

Step# 6 Now unroll the piano to have its complete view as it is illustrated in the figure below:

Step# 7 Under the piano, you will see data cable which is used to recharge the batteries of the piano.

Step# 8 Along with data cable, there are also number sheets as shown below: These numbers are to be placed on the keys of roll up piano that makes its use much easier

Step# 9 Now open the roll up piano and place in front of you. Open the number sheet also. You can clearly see that on the number sheet there are 4 rows.3 rows out of 4 rows contains 14 numbers such that 1 to 7 numbers repeat 2 times while 4th row contains only 7 numbers starting from 1 to 7 as shown below

Step# 10 Now remove the numbers from the number sheet and place it on the keys of roll up piano as shown below

Step# 11 Place the numbers on the keys of roll up piano such that starting from number 1 placing on the first key and the next consecutive 7 numbers on the next keys respectively as illustrated in the figure shown below.

Step# 12 Now place the next 7 numbers on the next keys consecutively such that their order remains the same. Step# 13 Exactly in the same manner as I described in the above two steps place the numbers on the keys. After placing all the numbers on the keys it would look like the figure shown below

You can clearly see that only two rows of numbers and one number from the third row are used on all the keys. Step# 14 Now you can match the number sequence from the paper given with the number sheet. It is also illustrated very clearly in the figure given below:

Step# 15 Now open the data cable which is given with piano and connect it with the board. After connecting it you can use it to make your favorite music according to the guide given with the piano in the form of the user manual. If u want to see the complete process that I have discussed above, please see the video which is available on the link given below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C0m133lafWU&feature=youtu.be

That was all about the unboxing piano. Now let's have a look at the qualities, features as well as specification of our product.

Qualities of Roll Up Piano Following are the main qualities of our product that make our product exceptional among all the other electronic pianos. • It can be operated in any environmental conditions. • It is stylish in appearance which makes it appealing. • It is portable and can be taken anywhere with no problem. • It is very easy to operate Anyone can easily learn how to operate it to produce their favorite sounds. • It is foldable and flexible. • It has thick keys as well as powerful fingering quality. • It is very easy to clean them. Nothing is difficult in its cleaning. • If water falls it, it will not damage any of its components as it is waterproof. • It has black keys higher than the white keys that make its fingering more powerful. • Just like a piano, it has three main functions combined in it which are listed down: o MP3 player o Machine learning o Karaoke

Features of Roll Up Piano The roll up piano has many amazing features. The main features of the roll up piano that makes the roll up piano exceptional among the other pianos are given below: o It has a standard keyboard that contains 61 or 88 keys. o It contains total 129 tones in it. o There are 100 built-in rhymes in its memory. o It also has 80 demo songs for the beginners to help them. o It has a built-in MP3 player function. o It is very light weight So, it's very easy to carry it anywhere with no trouble. o It has also built in Lithium-ion based battery which is rechargeable. And can be recharged with no problem. o Additionally, it also has language learning functions which make easier for users to learn the language. These functions include: • Repeat • Read • Compare

Specifications Specifications of any product reflects what are actually main features that particular product has in it.Main specifications of roll up piano are recorded down: ✓ Keyboard: It has waterproof silicon Keyboard ✓ Tones: It has 128 different kinds of tones. ✓ Rhythm: It has 100 types of rhythms. ✓ Demo: It has 80 songs. ✓ MP3 player function: MP3 on/off, MP3 Volume, play and pause. ✓ Language learning function: It has repeat, read and compare functions. ✓ Interface: USB MIDI and USB charging interface, MP3 USB interface, earphone, sound box and sustain pedal interface. ✓ Power: It has built-in high capacity environmental safety li-battery, rechargeable battery, and ability to connect DC 5V power adaptor.

Conclusion It is obvious from the above brief and complete description that the roll drum kit is exceptional in its features, specifications as well as in qualities among all the other types of piano kits. It has many amazing features as well as specification that are only available in it. No other types of electronic piano has the qualities like the roll up piano. These specifications or feature include portability, easy and simple in use, has manual with itself, built-in tones and songs, memory, waterproof, the rechargeable battery, MP3 functions, exceptional speaker ,language learning functions, interface, exceptional keyboard, foldable and many more. All these features and specifications of the roll up piano make it preferable over all the types of piano kits.

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