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Updated: Jan 8

The song

sheet music

Flowers and flowers

Flowers are so beautiful

We are like flowers

Flowers bloom in spring Flowers love rain

We love teachers

Flowers love rain

We love teachers

If primary school students are blooming flowers of our country, then primary school teachers are hard-working gardeners. It is a glorious and arduous task for primary school teachers to do a good job in primary school students' enlightenment education. They should spare no effort to teach students to learn new knowledge, find out students' interests and hobbies, find out students' existing problems in time and seek appropriate solutions, so as to promote the healthy and happy development of students. Primary school teachers pay their own hard work, but also get a lot of happiness.

Education and training: college degree or above in education, Chinese, mathematics, music, painting, psychology, English, etc. The qualification certification of primary school teachers by the Ministry of education is a necessary condition to become a primary school teacher, which has been fully implemented since 2001. Putonghua level certificate issued by the National Language Working Committee and the National Education Commission: Putonghua level is divided into three levels and six levels. Teachers should reach the level of two or one level, and teachers of Chinese should be slightly higher than teachers of other disciplines.

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