Jay Chou said Thank you mom for hitting me and letting me learn the piano

In Chinese music,

Jay Chou is the best player without blowing.

But the "best on the surface" recently appeared on a variety show

Spit out bitter water to Nicholas Tse

It turns out that in the latest issue of Feng Wei, Jay Chou, a guest, played the piano with fruit and attracted Nicholas Tse to show his sincerity.

"I really hate myself, I regret it, I feel heartache"

"Every time I see you playing, I regret so many years. Why don't I listen to my mother like Jay?"

And the truth is

At the age of 4, I began to practice for at least two hours every day,

Other children are playing outside,

Little Jay can only sit in front of the piano and be stared at by his mother with a cane

The good news is,

Jay Chou took good care of his mother

Thank you very much,

Later, I wrote listen to my mother.

It's not only Jay Chou who has such a painful piano practice experience,

Like Lin Junjie, Wang Feng and other famous musicians,

There have been the same

Childhood with piano.

Parents are strict with their children,

It's the first step for children to succeed.

It is precisely because we understand that "only when we suffer from hardship, can we be human beings",

Jay Chou is in the MV of his first song for his daughter,

The girl who plays the violin

Ballet girl,

Practice piano, Cello and other elements.

In the interview,

Jay Chou also said that when his son officially learned the piano,

He will also "inherit" his mother's educational methods,

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