Is there a big difference between Chinese piano and imported piano?

Updated: Dec 24, 2019

In terms of price, it depends on what grade you buy. If it's a domestic second-hand piano, don't buy it for more than 10 years. The general price is about 4000 yuan, and the price of the imported second-hand piano is not low. The quality of imported second-hand piano in South Korea is average, but the price is generally about 6000 yuan, but the later cost will be very high! The second-hand piano imported from Japan is very good, with the general price ranging from 10000 to 60000, and the service life can reach 100 years,

In terms of material selection, the quality of material can determine the production basis of a piano. Whether a piano is good or bad can be seen from the material selection. Now the transportation is convenient. Many manufacturers carefully select the wood suitable for making piano from all over the world. After years of placement, at least in terms of material selection, there is not much difference in piano material selection.

Accessories can determine the final performance of a piano. However, with the current piano production technology greatly improved, the production level of piano accessories is not much different. For example, the hammered coin mouth movements used by the world-class piano brands are all German brands such as Renner (Renault), Abel. FFW, etc

It can be distinguished by brands. The piano must be imported well. For example, Germany is the birthplace of the piano, and Yamaha piano is also a good piano.

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