Is Mozart really a child prodigy? Listen to Mozart's music to develop intelligence?

When it comes to music prodigies, the first person people think of is Mozart. The five-year-old Wu Xian has indeed complied with this title. He composed about 626 pieces of music in his life, including almost all types of music including symphony, opera, chamber music, religious music and so on.

Regarding the efficiency of Mozart's composition, folks have also spread a saying: Mozart first wrote 192 phrases that conformed to the form of small dances, and then made a form and numbered them. Then roll two more dice and decide which one of these phrases to choose based on the number obtained. After 16 consecutive rolls, 16 phrases are selected, and a small step dance is born. This form was published in Berlin by the publisher in 1793, two years after Mozart's death.

Whether this method is true or not, Mozart's musical accomplishments are indisputable, and the definition of musical prodigies in later generations should mostly refer to him as a template.

[Mozart effect]

In 1993, Professor Francis Roxue of California State University published an interesting research report. The report states that if one listens to Mozart's symphony or sonata as a child, it will have great benefits for children's intellectual development, and this phenomenon is also known as the "Mozart effect".

Some people attribute this phenomenon to the fact that Mozart's music is not as complicated and sophisticated as other composers' works, but it is pure and gives people unlimited imagination, so they can develop intelligence. Others have questioned this, arguing that there is no tangible evidence to suggest a direct link between the two.

In any case, music can make people happy and relieve stress is an indisputable fact, and these golden works by Mozart are enough to give us our highest respect

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