Interesting piano accessories, have you ever seen them?

Updated: Dec 24, 2019

1. Finger weightloader

Can you guess what this is? If you're a pianist, it's hard to guess.

This is a piano finger weight-bearing device, which can increase the feeling of the hand playing the piano.

I heard that with it, the level of playing the piano has been improved very quickly.

Looks like a ring?

Can wear it, carry out piano training, such as playing the piano, typing, running, boxing, swimming and other limbs need to exercise the project, so that people in the limb movement, strengthen finger flexibility training, deepen the human body movement memory, improve the proficiency of limb operation.

2.Piano arm orthosis

If your posture is incorrect, you must not be able to play the piano well.

When children play the piano, their hands are not standard and correct. Or to correct it. Almost all children with piano lessons will encounter this kind of question Huimei keyhand physics early on should pay attention to the correct hand-type lecture practice. If some bad habits are nurtured, it will lead to a very solid situation. Even if we try to succeed in the future, it will be difficult for the rabbit to accidentally resume lunch. To create greater obstacles for children to continue learning and improve their playing skills

3.Piano hand exerciser

Piano hand-type exerciser can increase finger strength so as to play the piano more vigorously and rhythmically.

Is it a little scary to look at?

There are many more, if you like, you can find whatever you like.

3、Music score band

Have you ever had trouble turning pages or getting wind-blown music?

You just look at the appearance and you don't know what it does.

4、Self-emitting music score

Do you have any worries about reading music at night? You can't read clearly. Turning on the light and stimulating your eyes. Come and try this self-luminous music score. It's a wonderful enjoyment to play the piano at night with it.

5.Piano Keyboard Stickers

Piano keyboard stickers. If you're a beginner, you need them. This is a piano keyboard sticker to help you remember the position and notes of the keyboard.

Which do you like?

Have you used this one before? Welcome to leave a message to me.

Roll up piano:

-It is portable, very convenient - it can be hand-carried. -It can also be rolled up for easy storage in a handbag or carrying case.

-With a built-in speaker but also supports external headphones or loudspeakers.

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