In China, expensive second-hand pianos come from astonishing sources.

Hand-made goods, I believe many people have heard of them.The new piano is expensive, and the second-hand piano is a good choice. In China, piano sounds so high-end that not every family can have it.Second-hand piano is cheap and cheap. Most people do not reject second-hand piano.

Black-hearted businessmen renovate bad pianos and replace them with good ones. I believe that many parents see the second-hand piano after renovation, appearance and new products are similar, layman is simply difficult to distinguish!

Have you ever thought about what these pianos looked like before they were renovated? You must be shocked to read this article.

First of all, the unusable piano has been eliminated from Europe and America by truck as soon as possible.

The piano has thick dust and can't play anymore.

The merchants removed the core components of the piano

The removal of piano is a simple work. Some steel wires, hammers and strings are used. It does not require high technology at all, let alone the perfect combination and scientific configuration of the whole machine.

The cost of the whole piano is more than 3,000 RMB, which is 4,000-7,000 RMB wholesale to the piano company, which is several times higher than the profit of the new piano factory of the regular brand. In the market, the intermediary sells to about 24,000 RMB, and even some training schools or art centers resell the piano to their students in the form of rent on behalf of sale to earn rent and intermediary fees, plus after-sales service maintenance fees, piano removal fees, tuning fees and so on. And so on.

Piano keys have been placed in garbage collection stations for a long time, coupled with several days of marine moisture absorption, serious corrosion and mildew breeding. But that's OK. Simple cleaning is OK, because no one will take the piano apart and check it.

A new piano was pieced together from many pianos.

The factory should attach great importance to the appearance of the piano. It will repaint the old and worn piano and turn it into a brand new one. It will sell at a high price.

Piano keys can not be guaranteed, if there are problems, customers can only be their own bad luck.

After a simple disassembly of the piano, the piano can be reassembled.

The worker is a fluidized work, and there is no way to guarantee the quality of the piano.

The appearance of the piano "Renovated Piano" can be said to be almost the same as that of the new piano. It is impossible for ordinary people to see it with their eyes.

Finally, the second-hand piano will have a gorgeous package and look cool.

Industry insiders suggest that you do not buy second-hand piano, quality and sound quality can not be guaranteed, there are economic conditions to buy a new piano, or to buy a hand-rolled piano, he is easy to carry, practical, sound quality is good.

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