In China, children are stuck in a deadlock when they learn to play the piano.

Tens of thousands of Chinese children are learning piano. What does learning piano mean to Chinese children? But every piano child's parents need to think about it. How many parents and children suffer from confusion, confusion, loss, tears and sadness in the long and arduous way of learning the piano?

Some children eventually embark on the professional road under the pressure of their parents; some children suffer from learning the piano for various reasons, and their parents have to give up the piano and music halfway; others have passed the top ten piano amateur grades through standard learning and long-term persistence in piano practice.

Children should have a good mentality when learning piano.

Parents who don't know the piano can't force their children to practice the piano.It is only related to the piano exam, which is not conducive to the development of children.

How to let children improve their musical accomplishment and love music through piano learning?How to Make Children Happily Learn Piano

In China, many parents send their children to learn piano or other musical instruments not to cultivate their children's broad interests, but to compete with other children.

But in the real learning process, parents are anxious to ask their children to repeat a piece of music, so that their children finally lose interest in it.

Therefore, parents and children should be well prepared in deciding to let their children learn piano. Interest is the best teacher.

Hand-scroll piano can be recorded and accompanied, which helps to increase children's interest. I hope that every child can really fall in love with the piano.

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