I taught myself piano in the countryside of China

Updated: Dec 24, 2019

Hello, everyone. I am a farmer. I have been learning piano for 10 years. I don't know if you've heard of the 10,000-hour law. Maybe it's also because it has kept me going for ten years. There's no way I can be so passionate and persistent. In fact, in the past ten years, I have thought about giving up countless times, but when I finally thought about why I want to learn piano, I insisted again, not because I like to learn it? So why should I give up? Isn't that the industry I want? So why should I give up? After learning for so long, why should I give up?

It should be very awkward to give up halfway. It should be a lot of cold-eyed bystanders.

Haha, now that I have mentioned this, I will share my piano learning experience with you, and hope that my experience can give you some help.

Because what to learn piano:

In fact, there are two kinds of people on this issue. 1. Parents are forced to learn piano because of their expectations. 2. Take the initiative to learn piano. And I am the second kind of person, in fact, I also hope that I am the first kind of person, so that I do not have to worry about the time and conditions of practicing the piano myself.

0 Basic Piano

Listen to me, watch me want to learn, but after trying, I want to give up. As an electrical professional, I can say that there is no music cell. When I touched the piano with my stiff fingers, I felt inferior like an electric shock. Without any foundation, I need to learn music theory constantly. Otherwise, it would be disgraceful if I didn't even know the music score.

I believe you all know that music theory knowledge can be said to be extremely boring. During this time, I just want to say that I am really too difficult, but when I think I can play a Chopin, it is like playing chicken blood.... Time is slightly lost.

I don't know what the reason is. Maybe my ability is limited to this. Practice for one hour to two hours, three hours, five hours, eight hours from the previous day. Keep practising your fingering, keep learning and imitating, keep feeling every drum point and rhythm in the song. Too many detours, like a "labyrinth", if we can't find a way out, then let me take the time to walk the "labyrinth" all over again!

Actually speaking out is not afraid of everyone's jokes, I really come out of such a "labyrinth" when it is already a standing year, takes seven years. It's long, painful but also happy because whenever I make progress, I know that my efforts are not in vain.

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