I am 40 years old, can I still learn piano?

When we talk about older children, they are usually between 9-16 years old, and most of them are over 12 years old.

When it comes to learning piano, we generally divide students into four levels: young children, older children, adults, and the elderly. The main students of these institutions are young children (between 3-8 years old) and older children (9-16 years old).

Compared with the admissions of younger children, parents of older children generally worry about their children's fingers and academic issues.

Especially at the convenience of fingers, because I am afraid that I will lose some flexibility with age, I will give up learning musical instruments. In fact, it is not necessary.

First we have to clarify a concept: why learn piano.

If it is to be a performer, yes, older children are really not suitable, and the congenital problem of fingers is really insurmountable. But having said that, even if it is a school-age child, it is rare to be able to become a musician.

So from this perspective, there is no such thing as "not suitable for learning musical instruments beyond 8 years old" in reality.

So what problems do older children need to pay attention to when learning musical instruments?

Recognize the specific conditions for older children to learn the piano

Compared with younger children, older children have both advantages and limitations:

1. Muscle, bone, and hearing are mature.

2. Aesthetic habits and interests are basically formed.

3, strength, endurance, memory, understanding, analysis ability is relatively strong, but flexible, inadequate.

4. The purpose of learning the piano may still be blind.

5. Practice time may not be guaranteed, and attention may not be sufficiently concentrated.

In view of these specific conditions, it is impossible and unnecessary for older children to learn how to play the piano.

From the selection of teaching materials, selection of teachers, formulation of directions, and preparation of plans, we should start from the characteristics of our own characteristics and the commonality of older children.

The textbooks used by children, such as the previous contents of Xiaotang, Beye, and 599, devoted a lot of space for children to recognize music.

Older children, especially those after the age of 12, have relatively strong memory and response capabilities. Therefore, at the beginning of learning the piano, they should strengthen the knowledge of musical theory such as notation, save some time, and invest in other technical topics. The music will probably increase your interest and efficiency in learning.

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