Humorous story about the piano Who likes music

Updated: Dec 24, 2019

Dad, I have to learn piano.

Xiao Ming: Dad, I want to learn some musical instruments.

Ming Dad: OK! What to learn? "

Xiao Ming: Piano.

Ming Dad: No! It's tens of thousands of dollars to buy a piano!"

Xiao Ming: What about the accordion and violin?

Ming Dad: "It's not cheap either! You can learn to whistle!"

Soldier Who likes music

"Who likes music, go three steps forward!" The squad commander.

Six soldiers came out.

"Very good, now please take this piano to the conference hall on the third floor."

Do you know what the teacher is playing

In music class, the teacher played a Beethoven tune.

Xiao Ming asked Xiao Hua, "Do you understand music?"

Xiaohua: Yes.

Xiao Ming: Do you know what the teacher is playing?

Xiaohua: Piano.

Neighbour troubles

The neighbour came over to me at three in the morning.

Fortunately, I didn't sleep, I was practicing the piano.

Child and piano

I used to have a mischievous child who often came to my house to mess up my house, but I quietly took him to the piano and told him to play. Then I told his parents that the child was very talented, and since then the child has no vacation. My home has been neat, but it started to noise.


Composer: "it took me 10 years to write this lullaby."

Publisher: "why did you write so long?"

Composer: "because I am always hypnotized by my music."

Retrieve life

A: "the music saved my life in this flood. It's so precious!"

B: "Oh! Is it someone who hears your wonderful song and comes to save you? "

A: "no, when I was washed away by the flood, just when my piano floated over, I climbed up."

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