How to teach yourself the piano?

Updated: Dec 24, 2019

1. Is it hard to learn piano? Is it late to learn in your twenties?

Fingers are not as malleable as children. Does it matter? I understand your hesitation and worry because I have experienced it. If you really like it, do it. The worst result is to give up halfway, isn't it? If we don't start because we are afraid of the result, we are doomed to regret, and there is nothing more powerless than regret. What's more, the result may be very good. Although the fingers of adults are not as flexible as children's, we have a stronger understanding ability and self-driving force.

2. Set a specific goal if you do not set a specific goal to learn, you will not feel specific progress, easy to slack. I have always felt that the wedding in my dream and the songs that the masses are familiar with are so beautiful that I hope to play them by myself one day. So every Etude at present is for the future.

3. Learn basic music theory and master some basic music theory knowledge, so that you can know music score and get a music score. Even if you leave the teacher's guidance in the future, you can practice playing by yourself. It's like learning to fish. Most of the time, the knowledge of music theory will soon be forgotten. The best way is to deliberately test yourself every time you meet it. If you forget, repeat learning until you are familiar with it.

4. Not only hands-on practice, but also step-by-step recall, once wanted to do, but later did not do things, because of what? Most of them are motivated at the beginning. They have too high requirements for themselves, set high goals, and arrange tasks with high intensity. After a period of time, their sense of achievement is far less than their sense of fatigue and weakness, so they give up. Appropriate allocation of time, every day to ensure regular practice, the best not to easily interrupt. For example, I always practice before going to bed at night, half an hour or 20 minutes. Gradually it will become part of your life.

5. To see what other people have done to learn is to be afraid of the lack of imagination and vision. For what other people have already done, you will find that the problems in front of you are not problems. I have paid close attention to a netizen in Netease cloud music. He often sends videos of himself playing the piano. I feel very encouraged. Every time I see it, I feel sure that I can learn. One day, I can be like him.

6. It's continuous progress.

It is recommended to choose the difficulty suitable for your own and interested in learning and practice. As for the nonstandard hand shape, I think we can put it first for a while. In the process of constantly pursuing the right-hand shape, our love for piano may also be exhausted.

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