How to deal with the mold ym of the piano key

Also to the mold yleet season, today suddenly found the black key on the white imprint, I think it is moldy, how to deal with the key sleathing no longer moldy?

Control the proper humidity indoors, usually when not used can cover a keyboard cloth

Use alcohol to take a look, later pay attention to the piano keyboard health environment. The reason is that the place where the piano is too humid, this time you can wipe off the mold, you can put a humidity meter on the piano, if the humidity more than 70%, will also be moldy. Reduce humidity. Put a dehumidifier at home, it's too wet. Of course, you can also choose a special piano dehumidifier.

Room to maintain ventilation, remember not to put the water cup on the piano, in the rainy season should try to prevent moisture, such as in the box to put desiccant, air conditioning dehumidification, with a dehumidifier, installation of moisture tube, etc., to reduce the tide inside the piano, the indoor temperature is not good, the relative humidity should be between 40% - 65%, usually pay attention to control indoor humidity, Do piano cleaning care often!

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